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  1. Really Cool little project and very attractive for kids. Would you share the PCB design?
  2. Hi Guys, The probe side is kind of taking a lot of time ... Still designing the hardware, I am not a seasoned electronic engineer. I will probably have a booster pack around christmas time. In the meantime, attached is my last update to the main board. Will for sure keep this thread posted. Thank's for enquiring afe.zip
  3. Yes, they support SBW indeed. I use the launchpad emulator to program it. I was able to program the MCU as easily as a G2 chip with gcc and mspdebug. The only thing I am struggling with for the moment is the USART, not being familiar with it yet and of course the ADC24, which is why I am evaluating the AFE. For the rest, I tried to be as compliant with the launchpad layout as I could even though I have less GPIO because of the pins reserved to the 3 channels. Below, the first prototype of the board, connected to the launchpad for programming through SBW.
  4. Below is a take at creating a small launchpad style board with the MSP430AFE, This board is my first ever design of a Circuit/PCB so it probably contains a lot of design mistakes. Any feedback/advices/criticism will be much appreciated. I can't wait to get a good bashing from the site members. I was able to pull that out despite my 'newby-ness' thank's in particular to the good learning environment that this site provides. Thank you so to all the people who have pushed their designs before with ample explanation and details. The board was design to leverage the AFE for an open source m
  5. That would be super, thank's. How much would it cost?
  6. I got mine from the store (Order 895). Do you think you new batches will be available for order on the store or even the pcbs?
  7. Hi Bluewhash, I had exactly the same. the ic on top puffed and went to smoke. I then thought I plugged the battery with inverted polarity and the second ic puffed ;-).
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