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  1. I think you forgot to set the ADC10AE0 register. ADC10AE0x: ADC10 analog enable. These bits enable the corresponding pin for analog input. BIT0 corresponds to A0, BIT1 corresponds to A1, etc.
  2. I have tested LaunchPad (v1.5) to successfully program MSP430F5438A (MSP-EXP430F5438 board) via SBW. I used FET-Pro430 Lite Software (v3.06) for programming.
  3. 1. Every 2553 MCUs have different tempereture caracteristics. The datasheet says: VSensor,typ = TCSensor (273 + T [
  4. I tested it on three different PCs (XP x32, Win7 x32 and Win8 x64). It works. Hint: because 'Stellaris Temperaure Logger v04.exe' is rarely used, some antivirus softwares may recognise it as "unknown" "untrusred" application and block it. Check your antivirus settings.
  5. Nice project Ike. I tested it with MSP430G2553 and my 4x20 LCD. It worked great on my virtual machine (XP 32 bit), but i had some trouble on Windows 8 x64. In many cases LCDSmartie didn't start on 64 bit OS (probably the software uart connection was not stable between my MCU and the OS driver). Because my LCD has 4 lines and MSP430G2553 has HW UART, I added support for 4 lines LCDs in the plugin.dll, and I replaced the software uart with hardware uart in the MCU source code. Here is my full CCS project for the MCU:LCDSmartie_NL_v02.zip. (I used Code Composer Studio 5.3) And t
  6. Hi. You can find the download link to the C# source code in post #13.
  7. I think Moritz runs his application on WINDOWS 7 or WINDOWS Vista. In my first post my app runs on WINDOWS 8, and in post #12 it runs on WINDOWS 7. The visual appearance of the same application looks differently on different Windows OS, especially on WINDOWS 8. WINDOWS 8 looks plain and simple.
  8. I developed a PC application to show the visual output. It simply reads the selected virtual COM port, and displays the data graphically. Here is the *.zip file to download: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=309 Extract the compressed *.zip file and start "Stellaris Temperaure Logger v04.exe". This application requires: Windows OS .NET Framework 4
  9. Here is the link for my full IAR project: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D7111974_784_000895899 I can compile it without errors. Dont forget to install StellarisWare to the default folder ( "C:\StellarisWare\").
  10. Hi, I think you have to add this two Preprocessor symbols: IAR -> Options -> C/C++Compiler -> Preprocessor -> Defined symbols: (one per line) -> ewarm PART_LM4F120H5QR Here is my settings:
  11. Someone requested the C# source code files. I uploaded my full solution to here: https://copy.com/4DkJpd4O49ky I am sorry but the source code is not commented at all, and may contains errors. (This is my first project in C#).
  12. I updated my PC application. New features: error corrections users can select between Celsius [°C] and Fahrenheit [°F] temperature scale File to download: Release.zip Feel free to ask if you have any questions or requests.
  13. I'm sorry for late reply. As bluehash said, first install stellarisware and add Uartstdio.c
  14. Hi, Thank You for your question. I'm a beginner too with Stellaris. I can debug UARTprintf function. Possible sources of the problem: Case 1: Because I used the StellarisWare library files: "If you are playing around with the code and get the message “No source available for …”, close that editor tab. The source code for that function is not present in our project. It is only present as a library file." /Stellaris WorkShop WorkBook, page 3-18/ Case 2: After the MCU has entered to hibernation mode, CCS loses connection with the LaunchPad, because the MCU is not powered. Whe
  15. I would like to join this Contest. This is my first project with ARM – a very simple thermometer with the Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad. The LauncPad works as a temperature sensor and averager, and sends data to the PC (using the virtual COM Port). The PC application displays and logs the data. I’ve created a thread for the project: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/471-using-stellaris-launchpad-as-a-thermometer/, where you find the details (description, pictures, code...) Regards, Laszlo
  16. Thank You for your reply. I will add it to there. OFF: I forgot to add the source code for the MSP430 LaunchPad: MSP430 Data Logger v05.zip
  17. Hi, Here is my first project with Stellaris Launchpad. This is a very simple thermometer, that uses the internal temperature sensor of the Stellaris MCU for temperature measuring, and the UART_0 module for sending data to a PC application. The PC application displays the current temperature in °C numerically and graphically (acts as a logger). Short Description: In every two seconds the MCU: measures the temperature with ADC:ADC with 4 Samples and FIFO Depth Each FIFO with 64X Hardware Sample Averaging ADC Speed: 250 KS/s calculates the average and the temperature data in °C:Only
  18. I got my Launchpad in December 2012. Both the ICDI and the Main units are revision A3.
  19. Hi, I'm learning Stellaris LM4F on a Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad from TI. I have some knowledge in programming PIC MCUs and MSP430. The high performance capabilities of the Stellaris core are amazing. Regards, Laszlo.
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