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  1. Hi, does any one know where I can get 4 digit 7 Segment LCD displays (without logic, just the plain glass LCD with pins) with separated back plains for each digit? I searched a lot but cant seem to find any distributor. All the ones I have found (RS, Reichelt, Farnell, Mouser etc) have the same COM for all digits which makes a matrix configuration kinda difficult. And I mean LCD and not LED ;-) Thanks! Regards
  2. Thanks for the replies! My LaunchPad just arrived
  3. Thanks a lot! My LaunchPad just arrived
  4. Hi! I have been gathering information so far but am now ready to order one. I saw that they are out of stock here. Any idea when they will be back or should I rather order at TI direct?
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies! 16K seems more than enough for many applications. What I mean with the first question is just if all the MSP's can be programmed with the Launchpad. For example can the MSP430FG4260 be programmed with the Launchpad? Thanks, regards!
  6. Hi, I've worked a lot with AVR's so far but have never done anything with MSP430. There are a few questions I have before I start investing. First about the Launchpad: Can one actually program any MSP's (series 1 to 6) with it using the pin header? Or does it only work for the small ones? Secondly about the CSS: does that work together with the Launchpad? Is the 16K version free for unlimited time? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a half Austrian and half British student of electrical business engineering and a big electronics enthusiast living Germany. I've done a lot with AVR's and am now looking into these gizmos. Happy crafting!
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