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  1. Hi all, I've made a couple of CAN bus boosterpack designs: https://github.com/Miceuz/can-boosterpack/ One employs MCP2551 and another one is fully isolated using ISO1050. Feel free to download and build them, the designs are home PCB manufacturing friendly. I'm considering ordering some boards and putting them on tindie.com. Would someone be interested in buying a ready made board?
  2. Is there a way to mask interrupts while stepping? I'm trying to debug a USB CDC enabled code. After a breakpoint I try stepping and end up in USB0DeviceIntHandler. I've seen some posts about cortex_m3 maskint, but it seems this command is not available (nor applicable) in this patched version on OpenOCD. gdb) next Single stepping until exit from function USBRingBufUsed, which has no line number information. 0x00001dfc in USB0DeviceIntHandler ()
  3. o hai, As an excercise i've made a usbstdio library, that enables to use printf and gets from USB CDC device. It's based on uartstdio library by TI. usb_serial_cli.zip
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