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  1. Ok it was my code which was based on some Ti example and several I2C examples which I found which was to blame. void readFromAddress(unsigned int Address , unsigned char * Data , unsigned int Size) { addressWord = Address; counterSize = Size; memoryData = Data; while (UCB0STAT & UCBUSY); // wait until I2C module has // finished all operations // Write Address first I2CWriteInit(); UCB0CTL1 |= UCTXSTT; // start condition generation while(UCB0CTL1 & UCTXSTT) { if(!(UCNACKIFG & UCB0STAT)) // Break out if ACK received break; }
  2. I have investigated further on this, I have a bus pirate I used it to snoop the I2C transaction between MSP430G2553 and the EEPROM. I was running the code in debug mode and stepping through the code. When I did this, my code works with out any issues, I can see the data transaction happening on the I2C bus as follows [0xA0+0x00+[0xA1+0x00+0x00+0x00+0x02+0xFF+0xFF+0xFF+0xFF+0x02+0x82+0xFF+0x82+0xFF+0xFF+0xFF+0xFF-] [ start condition + ACK - NACK ] stop 0xA0 is the Slave write address 0x00 is the word address 0xA1 is the Slave read address the 16 bytes following it are the d
  3. Yes I have, I have 22k. As I mentioned, I am able to read data from the EEPROM i.e read from a random word address and then continuously from there on to any number of bytes. But I am not able to get it working only for the READ operation from a particular word address. The only difference is that this involves a WRITE operation. My code hangs when debugged at the Write operation. I debugged by stepping through, the program executed the first iteration of writing the low_address of the word address inside the interrupt vector, comes out of the interrupt vector. After that it ha
  4. I am trying to read a EEPROM connected to MSP430G2553 on a Launchpad V1.5 using I2C. I have been partially successful, i.e I can do a random read. This involves no write operation. However if I want to read from a particular address of the EEPROM, I have to perform a write operation with the Word Address, followed by a read, in this case my code hangs during the writing of the Word address. I have a bus pirate and I have read as well as written data in to the EEPROM through it. I am using UCA0 for UART so that I can display the data read from the EEPROM. UCB0 for I2C with
  5. I have installed the Eclipse plugin from XPG mentioned in this forum else where. This has resolved the problem with building using Eclipse. It boils to down to how the Make files are autogenerated. I have left it for another time to figure out the difference between the environment settings of the Plugin Vs standard eclipse
  6. Pabigot Thanks for helping out, Problem 1 got solved with the single dash - Thanks for another pair of eyes With reference to problem 2 I guess I may need to call a Makefile from eclipse to specify the dependencies correctly.
  7. I have followed the tutorial on this site for integrating Eclipse with msp430-gcc. I am running ubuntu 13.04 64 bit. msp430-gcc (GCC) 4.6.3 20120301 (mspgcc LTS 20120406 unpatched) Eclipse Platform Version: 3.8.1 Compiling manually on a Terminal works: I have a simple programme to toggle LED on the MSP430 Launchpad Rev 1.5 board. I compile this on a terminal using msp430-gcc -mmcu=msp-430g2553 -o led.elf blinkingled.c This gets compiled and I can flash the binary to my board and it works. When I have this same setup to compile on Eclipse the compilation is in two stages.
  8. Hi I have a Reversion 1.5 of MSP EXP430G2 board which apparently doesn't need the cross over's for hardware UART. I have the jumpers turned over for HW uart I have compiled your code in ubuntu and transferred it to the board. Both the LED's RED and GREEN light up as soon as the board is powered ON. I connect using minicom with the following code minicom -b 9600 -D /dev/ttyACM0 As soon as the minicom connection is established the RED led switches off. Green stays ON But when I press a or b or any other key nothing happens to the led on the boards. When I quit minic
  9. Bluehash Can you let me know whether your SALEAE clone from Aliexpress is fast enough and has sufficient memory to capture SPI data > 1Mbps? I have a buspirate which works OK with reference to SPI snooping but a board I am snooping is having a large data rate which over flows the buspirate's ring buffer. i.e it is not able to pump data via UART to the connected PC though due to memory over flow. If you could tell me whether you have tested this device at higher speeds on SPI capture
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