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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply! There was no INSTALL/README, so I did the following just by making assumptions on where things should go: sudo cp /Users/islandgeek/Downloads/CapTouch\ 2/CapTouch.cpp Java/hardware/msp430/libraries/ sudo cp /Users/islandgeek/Downloads/CapTouch\ 2/CapTouch.h Java/hardware/tools/msp430/msp430/include/ sudo cp -r /Users/islandgeek/Downloads/CapTouch\ 2/examples/ Java/examples I see the examples in energia now. However when I try to upload CapTouchButton (the first example) to the msp430: CapTouchButton.cpp.o: In function `loop': CapTouchButton.cpp:
  2. I'm on osx with energia, and I just got my 430BOOST-SENSE1 cap touch board. 1) What does it take to start programming it with energia? (How does one add the libraries & examples from slac489 or slac490) 2) I got the demo working with the M430G2452 IC that came with the board, but eager to try energia I uploaded the blink example to the IC. While the middle LED blinks now, where/how can I get back the original demo to the chip when needed? 3) As a newbie hobbyist, should I be using something other then energia? Thanks in advance, I look forward to learning and experimenting!
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