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    morelius21 reacted to RobG in Nokia 5110 Booster Pack   
    Well, I think adapter is more appropriate, but let's call it a booster pack.
    There is nothing fancy, few connection options and a reset RC.

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    morelius21 reacted to Fmilburn in MPS430F5529L reading multiple potentiometer   
    Hi @@morelius21
    You are not reading A0, A1, etc. with your code.  You are reading pin numbers.  See the pin map at http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/MSP430F5529.jpeg
    In your loop, you are reading pin 0 first (doesn't exist), and then pin 1 (3.3V), etc.  What you should be doing is reading from pin 23 through 27.
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    morelius21 reacted to enl in MPS430F5529L reading multiple potentiometer   
    Starting point is you have an off by one eror on the loop counter: the test should be "<5", not "<6" as you are trying to do it.
    But, I think the main issue is that A0, A1, etc are aliases for pin identities, not channel values. You might try:
    const int analogpins[]={A0, A1, A2, A3, A4}; . . . . for (int i=0; i<5; i++) { sensorValue=analogRead(analogpins[i]); . . .
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    morelius21 reacted to Fmilburn in TI Tuesdays   
    There is a new series of YouTube postings that uses Texas Instruments parts and microcontrollers by Peter Oakes. I have started watching it and have found it interesting. It seems pitched at the hobbyist level (pretty basic at times), but goes beyond just a recipe to make something work and he even pulls out the datasheet!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_atu5RtEPi5I5YWx_wb_j9erZGCvnpvW
    EDIT: I have watched a few more of these and apparently they are TI sponsored.
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    morelius21 reacted to zeke in change the clock in msp430f5529   
    You want to check out the Register Examples for the MSP430F5529 in the TI Resource Explorer.
    Specifically, check out the sample programs that have the *UCS* in the name.
    Here's a link to the first clock system configuration example: MSP430F55xx_UCS_01.c
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    morelius21 reacted to zeke in Buy books msp430   
    The John Davies book was the one I used to learn about MSP430's. I have a lot of respect for it.
    Another title that I like is this one by Tom Baugh:
    MSP430 State Machine Programming: with the ES2274
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    morelius21 reacted to cde in Debounce switch routine watchdog not work   
    Because you are reenabling the P1 Interrupt inside of the P1 Interrupt, making the Watchdog pointless.
    Remove "P1IE |= buttonTotal;    //activ interrupt" from the interrupt. Now the watchdog should enable the interrupt after a single 32mS interval triggers the watchdog interrupt.
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    morelius21 reacted to dubnet in Assembler nop in ccs   
    You could use the C delay function or just a loop. Here is a link to some information on the C delay function:
    Hope this helps.
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    morelius21 reacted to mgh in Assembler nop in ccs   
    This link might help:
    Short answer:  asm("  nop");
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    morelius21 reacted to Atas in Assembler nop in ccs   

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    morelius21 reacted to roadrunner84 in methods of burn a msp430   
    The LaunchpadG2 can be used to flash any msp430g2xxx device, the used protocol is SbW then. More advanced MSP430's cannot be flashed with the Launchpad G2.
    Some MSP430's also sport JTAG or a factory flashed bootloader to flash over serial.
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    morelius21 reacted to cubeberg in methods of burn a msp430   
    Reset and Test are needed for SBW programming (and at a minimum GND for obvious reasons).  I typically add a 4 pin header to my custom boards (VCC, GND, TEST, RST).  
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    morelius21 reacted to bluehash in methods of burn a msp430   
    Helpful thread.
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