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  1. Hi I restar the complier and the cross is out. I don't know how i have activate this function. But now is solved thanks
  2. Hi I'm in Barcelona, Spain and i like to buy the next book; MSP430 State Machine Programming: with the ES2274 the cost new in europe is 100$ and for me this is very expensive. I like to buy one of second hand . if somebody have one and want sells it, please send me a message. Thanks
  3. Hi i don't know why but my mouse pointer is a cross and i don't know how can i return to a normal pointer. any idea? thanks
  4. hi thanks for all replies, @Fmilburn: ok i understand but the samme code in arduino uno work well my code, Maybe is coincidence with the pins coincidence i I was lucky @@enl, you are right is i<5, i will yous your array, i find is the clearest way. now the code work well, thanks!
  5. Hi i try to read five potentiometer and print this values to serial monitor. I use a for loop but don't work. only work when i use A0, A1,etc.. in analogRead function. Any idea? thanks /* AnalogReadSerial Reads an analog input on pin A0 to A4 (P6.0 to P6.4), prints the result to the serial monitor. Hardware Required: * MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad * 10-kilohm Potentiometer * hook-up wire This example code is in the public domain. */ int i = 0; int sensorValue = 0; // the setup routine runs once when you press reset: void setup() { // initialize serial communicati
  6. Hi Finally i see that the Tom baugh book is the best choice for me now. If somebody can sell me this book i will appreciate this Thanks
  7. @@zeke, Ok i will see the documentation. thanks again
  8. Hi I try to change the clock in f5529 but i don't find tutorials . Someone can you recommend a tutorial please? thanks
  9. Hi thanks for recommendations , i didn't know the book by Baugh: i read the index and i find very interesting.
  10. Hi i like the next books: MSP430 Microcontroller Basics Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing: Texas Instruments MSP430 (Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems) anyone? thanks
  11. Hi Jake, thanks for your reply and interest to help me. I don't want to cause you any problems, especially if you say you'd have to buy another one. I was thinking more of someone who doesn't use his anymore. Seems you really like yours!! Thanks a lot, Marc
  12. I asked the distributor of digilent in Spain and they tell me that the price of the unit is 258 euros (292.35$).. for me is too much. Therefore, I 'm looking for a unit second-hand.
  13. Hi, It's possible that someone sells one second hand condition? I can pay via PayPal. thanks again
  14. Hi, I'm a student of electronics in Barcelona and I would like to buy an analog discovery. http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,1040,1043&Prod=ANALOG-DISCOVERY If I buy this device from Spain the cost of it is very expensive. if someone could help me I appreciate this. best regards,
  15. #2. Thanks for the reply. I understand the problem but when i make this modification don't work properly yet. I try to put the reads in P1IN inside whatchdog ISR and now it works. I wasn't understanding the function of the watchdog. I post the code. is possible that something can be better. #include <msp430.h> /* * main.c */ #define button1 BIT5 #define button2 BIT4 #define button3 BIT3 #define led1 BIT0 #define led2 BIT1 #define led3 BIT2 #define ledTotal (led1 | led2| led3) #define buttonTotal (button1 | button2| button3) v
  16. Hi, I'm a newbie and I have a problem with debounce of 3 switches in an interrupt. Each switch toggles a led with an interrupt in P1. this software works when i press the switch slowly but when i press faster it doesn't work correctly (goes on an off not according to the button pressed). I use the example of RobG that he explains in this topic using the watchdog (Thanks RobG): http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1968-dual-edge-interrupts-on-one-pin/ I post the code, maybe you can help me resolve the problem? #include <msp430.h> /* * main.c */ #define button1 BIT5
  17. Hi people thanks for the information, I try today to test all.
  18. Hi, i try to make a simple program in C to control a lcd. I need to make two "nop" in one function but i don't know the syntax . Always, the compiler make a assembler error and i can't run the program. function: void Toggle_A_Lcd(void){ LcdControl |= En; asm (nop); asm (nop); LcdControl &=~ En; } somebody could tell me how make this, please? thanks
  19. Thanks for the information, now i can find the info about sbw and the thread is very helpful.
  20. Hi, I'm newbie and i need to know how to program msp430 mcu (SPI, JTAG , etc...). Now i have the launchpad but i don't know which pin are used to burn or for debugging and if i can use the launchpad to burn another mcu. Somebody know a document that explain methods of programming and debugging msp430? thanks for your time
  21. Hi, i'm very appreciate your response. Ok i understand it and i will use this form of define. Is true that this method is useful than the another. Thanks
  22. Hello, I'm total newbie and i have my first problem: I try define a pin in my launchpad with msp430g2553 but i don't get it. In IAR i know this: #define LCD_4 P1OUT_bit.P1OUT_0 But in code composer don't work and i think it's because i don't use io430.h because there isn't in CCS. I use the msp430.h library. can somebody tell me pleaso how can i define the pin in CCS? Thanks
  23. Hello, I see in the web of proteus, they don't have the library for many msp430. And seeing the parts list, I see that thislist don't have the g2553. So now I have to find another software simulation. Greetings and thanks
  24. hello. I'm trying to use Proteus to make my simulations, the problem is that I don't find the device msp430g2553 in proteus. Can anyone tell me where i can find this msp for proteus? thank you very much
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