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  1. If you are interested, I can personally send them to you from the USA using usps international. Prices for a 1 oz letter. http://imgur.com/tRS1J,4utm2,jD8r4 If you want them in a DIP package, it would obviously cost more to ship because the package is large compared to SOIC/QFN/TSSOP. PM me if you are interested. Also, this applies for anyone else! You seem to have a reasonable amount of posts here, and don't seem like a scammer, but I would suggest sending one chip first to find out exactly how long it takes without much risk.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this plugin! I have spent hours upon hours trying to get a decent debugging thing going on with ubuntu and my msp430, and was met with constant frustration with outdated guides, incomplete instructions, and missing files. And now, in just a minute or two of actual work, I got a eclipse with functioning debugging working on both windows and a ubuntu virtual machine. I cannot thank you enough! Because of your efforts, my tiny hand soldered board, as seen here if you are curious, will continue development, debugging intact!
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