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  1. I tried the ASCII Table demo with Launchpad and it seems to work flawlessly. When I recompile for Stellaris and run on the StellarPad at 9600 baud, it works MOST of the time, but occasionally the serial monitor receives garbled text. I thought it might be a problem with the serial monitor, so I also tried using teraterm with the same results. I am using Energia 0101E0009 under Win7.
  2. JKabat, I have been using Code Composer and Stellarisware and have been very pleased with both. While I like and use Linux, I don't have the time to figure out how to set up the tools to develop for Stellaris thereon. If someone comes up with a one-button install, that would make me take another look. I have used many of the same micros as you, and "Obsolete" microprocessors are an interest of mine. I have a particular interest in the 1802.
  3. Working with the MSP430 Launchpad and the Stellaris Launchpad. I have previously done a lot of work using Microchip products. (TI could learn a thing or two about documentation from the PIC folks.) Learning these two families has been a little slow due to the dearth of examples, app notes, etc. I was pleasantly pleased, however, with Stellarisware which has greatly simplified the process. Having all that RAM to work with is a luxury!
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