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    Go to Ti.com, search for the chip that you're using. Then download the example codes. It should have an example which allows you to send / receive UART data. In the example, you should see how you can connect the wires / pins. If you want the UART to talk to a PC's serial port, you need a level adapter in between the MSP and the PC. 
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    There's probably an example in code composer too. From a hardware prospective, if you are using LaunchPad, it is already bridged over USB to your pc. Just use device manager to find what com port it is enumerated as and open up the hyper terminal session on that port. The baud rate has to be 9600.
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    To add to^
    Go down the page to "Code Examples".  From there it will allow you to download peripheral code examples for a series of chips in either ASM or C.
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