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  1. jkroby

    rs232 to i2c

    Hi, from much time i need that, connoect a msp430g2553 to a serial converter or in my case to a friendly arm serial port, ttl level and simply comunicate with a i2c bus. I have also perl library and examples. Specific driver for io expander and 18 bit ad converter on i2c bus. Very easy to add functions. Developed under GPL jkroby@p3r.info I use maximum speed of 115200 baud but i think it can go faster. at 115200 baud 8Mhz 3V is tested and full running every days. It is a part of a heating system. web_rs232.zip
  2. A simple port of Energia SoftSerial to timer1 On pin 8 and 9 so there is a new serial independent from Serial, for use call Serial1 as you use Serial. http://www.p3r.info/gpl/energia/Serial1.tar.bz Roberto Pomo
  3. This is an optimized library based on Energia IR library. This library uses a Capture Register for run in interrupt without memory store. The timer is configurable as the pin (only with hardware connection at timer). The example included is configured for msp430G2553. The example reads the number from ir transmitter one or more key and when you press EQ key it make led blinking. Tested on LaunchPad using pin 11 for input and LED1 for led. It transmit on serial key values and read number. in the soon feature test on msp430f2013. The library uses 18 Bytes of ram. The interfa
  4. Hi, found solution, if someone is interested. 4.0 need for float calculation no (4) #define USECPERTICK (4.0/16) //freq. 16Mhz divisor 4 #define TOLERANCE 25 // percent tolerance in measurements #define LTOL (1.0 - TOLERANCE/100.) #define UTOL (1.0 + TOLERANCE/100.) (unsigned int) need for no runtime conversion #define TICKS_LOW(us) (unsigned int) (((us)*LTOL/USECPERTICK)) #define TICKS_HIGH(us) (unsigned int) (((us)*UTOL/USECPERTICK + 1))
  5. the usage is: MATCH(TIME,NEC_BIT_MARK) for instance, where time is the variable and NEC_BIT_MARK is a constant #define NEC_BIT_MARK 560 i know, floating point is big, but it should be a way for calculating a constant not by hand, not wrote by me, i found the code and i use it. My idea is only optimize the code for integrate in a non development program. i use another way with all constant by hand. Roberto.
  6. Better, but not enought, the size is reduced to 3273 bytes (3723 before), with constants 741 bytes. In theory the preprocessor had to convert all he can in constants, because all values are constants, but it does'n do it. Robero.
  7. Hi, i startin try to optimize library IRremote from energia section NEC. I removed memory usage and change timer_a function, all ok, there is a macro: #define USECPERTICK (4/16) //freq. 16Mhz divisor 4 #define TOLERANCE 25 // percent tolerance in measurements #define LTOL (1.0 - TOLERANCE/100.) #define UTOL (1.0 + TOLERANCE/100.) #define TICKS_LOW(us) (int) (((us)*LTOL/USECPERTICK)) #define TICKS_HIGH(us) (int) (((us)*UTOL/USECPERTICK + 1)) define MATCH(measured,desired) (measured >= TICKS_LOW(desired) && measured <= TICKS_HIGH(desired)) where desired is an integer c
  8. for SATYA my compression tecnique is possible for more channels not only 2 bytes, 3 or 4 for increase number of data and time slot. Keep in mind that rap-rap controller do it, low power stepper but with long_motors controller you can use very strong engine! Roberto.
  9. Hi, for information have a look at rap-rap controller, G-code interpreter based on Arduino-mega. A complete hardware project. What kind of Stepper do you use? Vcc? If the stepper is a 6V and you use 6 or 8V Vcc you can do a tourn/Second at maximum. You need a high Vcc for fast movement, if you wont only small movement, ok. Exist on ebay a seller: longs_motor who sell stepper and controller, low cost. In some situations the Vcc is 240V fo support full speed. I'm generally agree with the idea of an engaged controller with many pwm. For the problem of SMD i have wrote a post unive
  10. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    Another think, Have you seen MSP430AFE series? (AFE253 ) If you comprendunderstan my idea. Roberto.
  11. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    I don't wont everybody use this schema, i wont to use big chip 100pin or 64pin, whith 2 channel serial and 2 spi/i2c i don't use arduino because it is not enought powerfoull! Simply. I choose Energia because it has library, a starting place, a test device(lounchpad where i have tested ad 16 bit and wrote a little library SD16) and because it has many devices included, AD, PWM, DAC, SERIAL and many many pin. Not in second place, it can run without components, i have buy USB2rs232ttl (cp2102) i connect it to a chip an it un, no external components, the cp2102 has a power souce, power..
  12. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    Low power, yes, relatively to the works, do wour realy thinks that 200mA in controlling a machine that consumpt 10Kw is important? 66 parts for million of energy dispersed?! Have you ever seen the power loss in a standard battery charger? 2.5W of energy from 45W of primary energi?! it is wrote on the bottom... The big ability of MSP430 is low consumption, yes, read data in hardware and cpu off, then on and computate, turn off and wait. If i do an universal PCB for not make many PCB what can change with consumption? Are you secure of what you intend to tell? So you tell that MSP430F2
  13. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    I know it is difficoult, how i have wrote in the attached file, the ideas is to be able to use in one pcb all kind of devices, not neccessary every at a time! And the power consumption is one of the problems, if i measure 400V power, it is not a problem! take power from external source not from battery! I thinks wrote drivers for Linux is more complicated... But i do it, i prefere wrote a new library for Energia than wrote all from zero, so i can use a library and wrote only only a piece and some one wote new piece... Or not?
  14. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    I know, that Lounchpad is not intended for high power computation or industrial use, but exist olimexino-5510 that is high computation... In the trouth MSP430 is very stronger than Arduino UNO, much more devices and ability. Ok if your own interest is only to play it is ok... I know peoples than uses Arduino for industrial thinks, i have used FriendlyArm for that. I ask only if: why, if we chose of works with MSP430, we can't use all it's power? For hobby, measure battery (in car or trucks) Amperes using existing cables (ADC SD16) temperature very precise with SD16 or more complicated
  15. jkroby

    Universal PCB

    Hi, my greatest problem with controllers is: SMD so i think i buy a board, great: there isn't for what i wont! i need AD 16 or 24 bit and much more... i need to weld other components, if i use many little board the projects is instable and too big. so i think: if i make a PCB for sold controller? Good But it isn't better if i can put more than one controller type? YES So i have wrote an explanation of intent, a PCB for sold many components types for using in every situations, many kinds of devices place and differents version of MSP430 plus or less expansive. The arduino board
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