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  1. Arrived few days ago Thanks RobG a lot. It's working ! I'll put some photos later. regards
  2. By the way, would You please estimate (in the meantime) shipping costs to Poland, Warsaw. Not to expensive, please rgrds Wojtek
  3. Hi RobG The week is ending, is there any hopes for it now regards Wojtek
  4. Hi OzGrant, Maybe this way: // set LED PORT F pins as outputs GPIO_PORTF_DIR_R |= LED_RED + LED_BLUE + LED_GREEN; // enable digital for LED PORT F pins GPIO_PORTF_DEN_R |= LED_RED + LED_BLUE + LED_GREEN; // clear all PORT F pins GPIO_PORTF_DATA_R = 0; // set LED PORT F pins high GPIO_PORTF_DATA_R |= LED_RED + LED_BLUE + LED_GREEN; cheers Wojtek
  5. @aBUGS...e Thanks a lot I shall try to implement your method in my program and let you know about results. Your description is very clear , thank You once more ! Rgds Wojtek
  6. Hi, This is very useful. Thank you But have one question - How to modify APIs to operate with AT24C32 Atmel eprom (2 word address) ? TIA Wojtek
  7. Hi I'm interested in this board. Can i buy it now ? cheers Wojtek
  8. Hi, I will be very interested in it :thumbup: So please, let me know when it will be available. TIA Wojtek
  9. Hi, I'm a greenhorn in lm4f Stellaris now, but I'm sure, I'll quickly overcame some troubles with it. Besides lm4f I have Allwinner A10 boards, and plan to connect lm4f to one of them. Cheers
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