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  1. Sorted. I read the detail in the supplied link from yourself. I ASSUMED that loading the latest Energia gave all of the best bits and so will be up to date. Not so. In board manager, the MSP 430 box, at the end of the first line has INSTALLED showing - I ASSUMED that this update had downloaded and INSTALLED. It had - but the shown Version is just the one YOU have installed. It does not show the other more recent versions which are available and may contain the fixes you need. To see what is available Click on the Blue text More Info - I had two more versions "in
  2. Hi NexNerd I made tha changes, in the TXT file there were maybe 4 or 5 instances where I swapped to tilib - especially for my listed board. Plus moved the dll across. I get the same as before. In enegia app, Tools Programmer - DSLITE is selcted is this ok (i tried the 2500 too) I only have com8 acive with the board connected. (on any of my 3 usb ports on laptop.) I get the same eror message even if I dont have the board connected! Its like the code cant find the USBUtilites so the compiled code has no way of getting to my USB ports. I guess at the very least it mak
  3. Hi, Im not total noob. I did use old energia and Launchpad 2553 on this machine years ago and was good. Bought new LP and got new Energia recently. It wont upload. I get the usbutil: unable to find a device matching 0451:f432 error message tried everythig for two evenings. COM8 only shows, WIN7 pro 64 bit, I loaded the additional driver, USB for the MSP430 UART shows and is said to be working in device manager. Bit lost really - did not want to send the units back to Farnell. Any clues - Steve UK
  4. HI, should all of the Example files at least build ok?? I have trouble with the SD card examples - S
  5. Seems COM1 isnt released following DL from energia - so energia cant log on com1 neither can HT. HT functions now using com3. Post DL, subsequent DL..d's fail showing cant find MSP-FET430UIF... blah ... Pulling the usb cable and swapping then allows a new code DL with no error. Logging available too on com3. XP is a bit old I think. S
  6. Hi Yan, yes the programs run ok. Its serial data I cant see. I have toggled leds based on A/d reads ect. Want to learn LCD display etc. Do I use the supplied DL usb cable to connect hyperterminal? DL is on com1 and HT is on com1 also. The COM viewer in energia does not display anything either?? I like little peocessor boards but when my set up wastes days of my sad life I so want to pour petrol into my pc and at least get a warm from it S
  7. Hi, Im a noob. I can flash in example code on usb fine all good. When I do Serial stuff I get no comm data showing. I got the 1.5 board, 2553 jumpers horizontal for HW uart. The com1 monitor box in energia shows nothing Hyper T shows nothing, 9600, 8, none, 1 XP sp3 Steve
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