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  1. Hi, I have working code for msp430g2452 which sends data via spi as 8 bit at once. Could somebody, please, say how to change this code to send the data as 16 bit at once? Thanks a lot in advance. #include <msp430.h> // #define PIN_SCLK BIT5 //1.5 #define PIN_DATA BIT6 //1.6 #define PIN_CS1 BIT4 //1.4 #define PIN_CS2 BIT0 //1.0 #define PIN_RED BIT0 //1.0 #define SELECT(PIN) P1OUT &= ~PIN #define DESELECT(PIN) P1OUT |= PIN // #define M_DECODEMODE 0x09 #define M_INTENSITY 0x0A #define M_SCANLIMIT 0x0B #define M_SHUTDOWN 0x0C #define M_DISPLAYTEST 0x0F
  2. Hi, Is it possible to change RF frequency of the Chronos from 868mhz to 915mhz? If it is possible, could you, please, say how? Thanks a lot,
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