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  1. Just curious if anybody who responded to the feedback survey received a Lantronix device? Never heard anything back from Noritake on that.
  2. Also have one of these on the way. Thanks for tracking down the data sheets. Will be interesting to see what this crowd comes up with.
  3. Thanks for doing this, it is a great resource for a noob such as myself. Think making separate msp430 and Stellarium versions is a great idea, the board diagrams can be larger. One small suggestion is to make the background white (or lighter anyway) rather than the dark red. Uses a lot of ink/toner and is harder to read when printed B&W. Also not sure how you are outputting this but it works well printed duplex on letter size paper (A4?) with the code reference on one side and the hardware on the other. It would be much easier to print if the two sides were separate pages in the PD
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