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  1. Ok guys, got it to work. Just replaced pinMode(sen, INPUT) with pinMode(sen, INPUT_PULLUP) and deleted the separate pullup line. Thanks for all your help. Cheers smat
  2. hi. i tried using different pins other than 1,1 and 1,2 but no use. i even disabled the serial print and removed the TXD RXD jumpers. the servo still keeps on oscillating between 2 or 3 positions irrespective of the switch state.
  3. Hi. First of all I would like to thank developers and supporters of Energia as well as 43oh.com for their wonderful efforts. I have worked on Arduino for quite a bit of time now and am now trying on the MSP430, of course using the launchpad. Recently, I wrote a code in Arduino which reads the value of 4 push-to-on switches and positions the servo according to the switch state. For example, following cases happen : if no switch is pressed, the servo remains at 0, if two switches are pressed, servo moves to say 30 degrees and so on. For this, I have used switch-case control, switching t
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