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  1. I took this course too. The launchpad was mostly a "transparent" platform for the course material, which was - as mentioned here earlier - basic electronic components and circuits. As a hobbyist with no solid background in electronics, I quite enjoyed it. Good for beginners, just not as an introductions to MSP430 or MCUs in general.
  2. That's some detailed disassembly! :-) It's not what I need for my current little project, but I'm sure it will turn out very useful sometime - thanks!
  3. Oh.... ok, I found some info on this format, and the data in there is actually text-based HEX, and there's some meta-data as well - that explains the discrepancy. So... new question, is there an easy way to extract the actual machine language bytes without writing a program to do it?
  4. Hi all, haven't been here for a while :-) Sorry if this was brought up before and I missed it. For some nefarious reason, I want to see the actual compiled binary code that gets sent to the MSP430G2 Launchpad. Energia says (for a particular program of course): Binary sketch size: 1,739 bytes (of a 16,384 byte maximum) But the generated Hex file is actually 4,957 bytes long, and visually I can't spot any big blank space in it. So where does the extra content come from, and how can I isolate and see just the stuff that goes onto the Flash? Thanks!
  5. igendel

    43oh badge

    Indeed, this isn't easy. I made a little POV project some time ago (shamed to admit, with an ATtiny85 ) and it took plenty of videos until I got something passable. It's about lowering the framerate (if the camera allows) and having as much exposure as possible for each frame. Here's the result, BTW. Awesome job, @@cubeberg! It looks fantastic.
  6. @@greeeg, I just found a somewhat-similar project you can improve on... http://makerflux.com/laser-cut-and-arduino-compatible-led-crown/
  7. Sweet! Thanks bluehash, Saelig, and all the other winners who left this prize for me
  8. Go Chicken! :-) You almost had my vote, but then came the Scientific Calculator and I'm a sucker for such geekery...
  9. I did say a cetrain price Anyway, the competitors set a really high standard, I'll have to brush up seriously for the next time. Thanks for organizing this! Must have been quite an effort by itself.
  10. Well, I guess I paid a certain price for trying to be a gentleman and not vote for myself Congratulations people, those were very inspiring projects, and totally deserving the prizes!
  11. Fascinating idea and execution, I feel like putting some batteries into my ancient HP-48 :-)
  12. It looks really stunning. I can imagine so many people wanting to become makers after watching this video
  13. I check instructables.com occasionally to get ideas and inspiration, didn't upload anything (yet). I recently entered my very first contest, right here on 43oh. It really does motivate and help focus - provided that the participant feels the contest is more or less for his level. I'm saying that because I'm actually running a contest right now, in my country's hobbyist-maker web community (which I co-organize). Participation so far is disappointing; I believe it's because it's a very young community and most members are currently at their first project or so, and don't feel confident e
  14. Heh, with this and my oh-so-useful Morse code trainer, we can conquer the market Thanks for the answer. BTW, your project reminded me a little of this - the bus location/timing signal. Now there's a system the bus faring hacker could really use!
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