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  1. Its a enclosure made up copper and/or silver and it would protect electronics from emp's I understand Faraday cage is the best thing to use incase of a emp attack, but thats not what i want or what i am asking. Think of it like this, a EMP attack will most likely not be known, so you can run fast enough and put everything in. gwdeveloper - i did not mean to contradict myself, i just word things wrong all the time. when i said a emp can destroy unpluged or battery less electronics is because i thought if you put some kind of lever and press down and all electronic components will disc
  2. That was a bit to sarcastic to me lol. I do not want to use a Faraday cage - it would not offer 100% protection anyway plus you have to dig it underground. pfft fishing poles and books? nah no thanks. also im not looking for suggestions on what else to do im looking for a answer to if my idea could work.
  3. O.k - Well i had my msp430 Launchpad for a while now, and i have one of these items: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UWCZGU/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00 I am clueless how to add the lcd to the launchpad, i am a super beginner to this, are there any simple how-to videos? Also i do not have a soldering gun i perfer not to use one, would i have to use a beginner breadboard? What other items would i need to get this to work? what kind of wires? Im sorry i know this is considered very basic to many of you, but i would love to learn from others.
  4. Also forgot to mention that all microcontrollers would be destroyed from what i understand, but lets say there is no micro controller or anything sensitive like it, would my idea maybe save a electronic from a EMP?
  5. Well i been reading a little about EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and as most know, it will destroy all electronics in its path - even if its unplugged without a battery. So i was thinking, and due to im no way a expert i wanted to ask if this could work? - Have somekind of a mechanical pull down switch (in case of EMP attack) which will dislocate all wires and all electronic parts are all disconnected from the board (in a sense of not being a regular pcb board) - Use a device like those crank radios for a power source (after a emp i believe it will be hard to find working batterys :-/ )
  6. I did not think of it that way, thanks for posting that, you have changed my way of thinking. Thanks!
  7. Hey thanks for the warm welcome! Yea i know forums are usally a better/faster way to get answers for my questions, but some of them are a bit "easy" related and if i am to start a business (regarding msp430) i do not want users/customers to be worried of my experience.
  8. Hello everyone. I always loved electronics ever since i was 14, i bought a msp430 launchpad 2 days ago on amazon (yes i over paid almost 3x TI prices) I am really looking forward to get this and have a few nice plans for this. I wanted to ask if there are any members here would like to help me with a few things, i am very new to electronic design and i only ever done scripting and programming only :-/. If anyone can help me with some basic questions i have please send me a Private Message/Inbox I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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