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    elimpnick reacted to elmocrispers in summon-arm-toolchain, lm4tool and D2XX installation script   
    Hey guys,
    I just recently got my ubuntu laptop set-up to work with my launchpad but I ran into a couple of minor issues. Thanks to another member of this forum (Elimpnick) I got all my stuff up and running. That being said, I decided to conjure up a quick and dirty little script that would help anyone else going through the same thing.
    - The script installs the summon-arm-toolchain, lm4tools and the D2XX driver needed to work with CC5. 
    - The script downloads everyting in ~/stellaris
    you can find the script here:
    It was tested on a linux mint 14 machine and If you have any issues let me know.
        later, J  
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    elimpnick reacted to scompo in Stellaris launchpad gcc makefile, startup file and linker script BSD   
    Hi, I've never noticed that the license for the examples of the stellaris launchpad were closed, they say explicitly that:

    # Texas Instruments (TI) is supplying this software for use solely and # exclusively on TI’s microcontroller products. The software is owned by # TI and/or its suppliers, and is protected under applicable copyright # laws. You may not combine this software with “viral” open-source # software in order to form a larger program.
    I wasn't very comfortable with this and I finally decided to write the needed linker script, startup file and the useful Makefile from scratch and license them with a BSD license.
    You can find my impressions here and the code in this github repository.
    Right now it doesn't support Stellarisware (It's basically the first working version) but I'm planning to add support for libraries in the Makefile as soon as I have time! I don't think it would be so difficult!
    Of course the sofware it's opened, so: every help, suggestion, bug issue it's welcome!
    I hope this would be useful in any way!
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    elimpnick got a reaction from bluehash in TI Stellaris with MikroElektronika 802.15.4 Click Board   
    Just though I would share some pics of my Stellaris LP with my click BoosterPack and onboard 802.15.4 click board both from MikroElektronika.  Haven't done anything but solder the headers as I just had it delivered from DHL (they ship from Serbia, be prepared to pay duty/processing fee if you are in Canada).  Can't wait to actually play with it, I intend to make a 802.15.4/Xbee sniffer. Quality of the boards/components looks pretty decent.
    I have other click boards too; Ethernet, and 802.11.  I can post pics if you guys want.

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