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  1. I tried looking around for a small SPI example I could use for my Launchpad in CCS, found nothing small. I'm just looking to read and write to a register value, pretty much it for now. I don't want to go with Energia right away, although it would probably be much simpler. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi, Just though I would share some pics of my Stellaris LP with my click BoosterPack and onboard 802.15.4 click board both from MikroElektronika. Haven't done anything but solder the headers as I just had it delivered from DHL (they ship from Serbia, be prepared to pay duty/processing fee if you are in Canada). Can't wait to actually play with it, I intend to make a 802.15.4/Xbee sniffer. Quality of the boards/components looks pretty decent. I have other click boards too; Ethernet, and 802.11. I can post pics if you guys want. Nick.
  3. Looks good, any chance it will be stackable so that you could use other packs and accessories with it? Nick
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