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  1. Yep, mine is very much set and forget too which is nice because with my last oven I accidentally put in a pcb and then went and made lunch. 15 min later it was a bubbly black smelly piece of trash.


    Its not perfect like Greg said but a hell of a lot better then what I was doing previously.


    So far I'm happy with the stock firmware but that mod is good to know if I want to dial it in further!



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  2. Yeah don't get me wrong, the event system is super cool, I'm sure with timers and ADCs and DAC you could construct some very clever systems that don't even need the CPU running.


    My thing was that My first task was to use the timer for input capture. It took me awhile to wrap my head around needing to configure 3 separate peripherals to do this when I was anchored how how it was all built into the MSP430 timer.


    For the record to do this you need to:

    Configure the PORT to mux the pin to the EXINT controller

    Configure EXINT controller to "generate" an event

    Config EVSYS to route the event to the TC1 module

    Configure the TC1 module to capture on this event


    But with time there will be plenty of stack overflows on this topic. Right now it is early days.


    Maybe there is a future where a chip like this replaces some of the hard logic components like SPI ADCs/DACs because it is cheaper and can be configures to sweep up a lot of stuff.

  3. Hi Everyone,


    I've been away from the forum for quite some time now. We just welcomed a third child to the family and work has also been very busy. People probably notice that analog.io has been sort of on the decline as well since I haven't been doing my best to keep up with all of the things changing inside Google Chrome.


    Anyway, personal update is not the purpose of this post. I've always been a big fan of MSP430G2553 and Energia. I was recently forced to branch out and try Atmel SAMD11 using this kit: https://www.mattairtech.com/index.php/development-boards/mt-d11.html


    At first it was a real struggle to get started. I loaded a bunch of examples in Atmel Studio and just stared at them puzzled. Their abstractions IMO are just over the top for configuring periphrials, I much prefer interacting with registers with the syntax that TI uses.


    After about 3 days of cursing and scratching my head I finally think that I'm ramped up on the part and am now pretty excited about it. The experience has caused me to dig into the innards of Arduino more than I ever have in the past.


    So with the pain behind me, There is so much about this part that is superior to old trusty G2553.

    48MHz vs 16MHz

    4k sram vs 512 bytes


    More serial channels (SERCOMS)

    Multi channel DMA

    Analog DAC

    Faster ADC with decimation to get up to 16bit res


    This interesting (at first frustrating) concept of an event system to route events between periphrials without CPU.


    All of this and the price is lower or about equivalent to G2553.


    On one hand I'm sad to move to a new goto part, on the other, I'm excited. Has anyone else gave it a try?

  4. So I didn't make it to the next round, but thanks to everyone here on 43oh for the awesome support and help along the way!


    I posted my update here with some thoughts: https://hackaday.io/project/4648-analogio-a-full-stack-iot-platform/log/26290-didnt-make-it-to-the-finals


    In some ways it is a relief but would have been really cool to go all of the way.  I'm currently seeing if any of the finalists want to collaborate and use analog.io as their cloud data service, we'll see what happens next!


    Also, in addition to the MSP430 Sensor node, I'm also finishing up an AVR based one.  Some people just really prefer Arduino and AVR, don't want to discriminate!





  5. Sorry I guess that I was mistaken, the Finalist down select is 5 not 10.  Here's a really awesome video regarding the judging approach:




    Fingers crossed!  My fear is that I didn't succinctly enough describe my project for someone to come in cold and get a good idea of what it is.  It can appear a little random with some of the stuff that I posted.  Regardless it is all that I could muster.


    Formally Skulls do not play much of a factor in the final selection but like all things human, I think that they have a very strong subconscious bias when seeing rank.  Thanks google...

  6. Well that is that, semifinals judging deadline was at 3:50pm today. Now it is in the hands of the judges. The project is currently at 97 skulls and 177 follows. Have been swapping places back and forth with another great project.


    People can still skull and takes to everyone's help on the forum to get it to this point!



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  7. I like the be-dazzled mug. :)


    I've noticed when I'm "into" a project, like you are one the WSNs, things slowly begin to clutter..but your hands know exactly where everything is... under multiple layers of stuff.


    Yup, this is my daughters work :) it's my favorite.  I think that you are right on, I get so absorbed with work and the projects, cleaning is just not something that I can make time for.  Things pile up really fast too when  you are testing and prototyping and the tendency is to just scrape it into a big pile to reclaim the workspace.

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