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  1. HI ! No MQTT with AT commands on ESP6266 IMHO !! (among the several AT firmwares I know) You can use Arduino IDE (+ ESP8266 core) to flash your ESP-01 with your own application receiving data through UART and publishing data to an MQTT broker (use pubsub library) (WEMOS D1 mini is a good alternative to ESP-01 with it's good 3V3 regulator, some passive components, USB interface for easy developping...)
  2. I couldn't solve the problem with Mspdebug Solved with CCS Cloud on Windows : On Debug menu I could launch 'Recovery' then 'Update ' 🙂 Launchpad is now OK... next step : test again on Unbuntu 18.10 (without modemmanager holding TTY/ACM0....) OK with last Energia running on Ubuntu 18.10 (32 bit libmsp430.so coming Energie replaced by 64 bit one,)
  3. Hi i'm stille struggling to restore tty/ACM0 access on my MSP430FR4133 Launchpad witth Ubuntu 18.10 -no more modemmanager causing troubles on tty/ACM0 ( no use of modemmanager , so I removed it, flashing Arduino Leonardo is now OK) - 64 bit libmsp430.so (tested with file command), copied in /usr/lib -mspdebug OK via HID but --allow-fw-update does'nt restore tty/ACM0 : sudo mspdebug tilib --allow-fw-update MSPDebug version 0.22 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Daniel Beer <dlbeer@gmail.com> This is free software; see the
  4. Thanks ! i'll do the blocking with udev rule to avoid future brickings by Ubunbtu !! Now I,m on anothet machine a look for recover the boards under Window 10 if possible...😏
  5. HI ! I had an incident yesterday when flashing my MSP430FR4133 Launchpad last Energia was running on Ubuntu 18.10, looks like an unseccessfull firmware upgrading started (no sollicited !!) now , the board is not flashable , neither on Linux or Window10 (no more COM or tty/ACM port) The code previously flashed in MSP runs on when MSP is directly powerd. When connecting the boards shows only an HID port. (idVendor=2047, idProduct=0203 How to restore firmware ? Is it possible without special hardware tool ? just trough HID remainining link ? Pr
  6. Hello 9600 bauds was OK for 'old' AT firmwares, check Serial.begin(115200) for 'recent' ESPxx modules. +only 250mA avaliable -> some Vss drop oup during strong radio +20dBm TX pulses, may cause 'unwanted' resets + so called "3V3" is 3.55V on my two MSP2553 Launchpad, OK but 'high end' for ESP8266 chip (3.6V)
  7. Suggested , for chip safe : -in http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_cc3200launchpad/ remove white rectangle 'PIN58 - Vcc' -in http://energia.nu/cc3200guide/ add something that : Your board comes with a short between PIN58 and VCC. That's usefull for 'out of the box' demo. Remove this jumper unless you explicitely decide tu use PIN58 as DIGITAL INPUT, forced at high level !!" Keeping this jumper may damage your board as soon as you use PIN58 in Digital Ouput mode or in Analog input mode.
  8. Xtensa from Tensilica (now Cadence) GCC compiler is on the way ...http://www.esp8266.com/viewforum.php?f=9
  9. Considering P58-3V3 jumper I suggest to remove it on this pin map This short is dangerous for this pin : -in digital output mode -in ADC mode (ADC input not 3V3 tolerant : 1,8V absolute max, 1,46V full scale ) Maybe we could suggest "Remove this jumper as soon as playing with out of the box demo is finished" !!
  10. Adding some MSP gives : -Energia for application programming (very important for some of us !!) -some proven I/O : GPIO , ADC, UART... -great MSP low powering modes Off course standalone ESP8266 is very interesting too !!!
  11. I'm interested too. This module could be a perfect companion for a 2553 in low powermode, sending datas time to time. For second UART look at SoftwareUart exemple. (hard Uart + soft Uart)
  12. Thank's igor Compile is OK as suggested after renaming var S0 (lines 312 and 322) with more specific name ! Execution is not OK : gives around 396
  13. @@igor In "tmp006.cpp" I replaced 3 occurences of "ADR1_0_ADR0_0" by "ADR1_0_ADR0_1" on lines 191, 197 and 229 (cf Launchpad CC3200 schematic). Compiling" QuickTMP006.ino" gives this error : *****\Documents\Energia\libraries\TMP006\tmp006.cpp: In function 'float Calculate_Temp(float*, float*)': *****\Documents\Energia\libraries\TMP006\tmp006.cpp:312:8: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
  14. Hi ! Same results for TMP006 and Adafruit lib (with same kind of 'patching') ....Of course 'Die temp' is 'PCB temp' with TMP006 near LDO ! Tested with Launchpad rev 3.2 and 'out of the box' firmware (non updated as recommended)
  15. Watchdog not 'freely' avaliable ? => already set and used by Energia core (interval mode + 16MHz/512 + interrupts) for milli(), delay(), micros()......functions. settings seen in : /hardware/msp430/cores/msp430/ wiring.c file.
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