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  1. Larsie and CorB, Thank you again for the code and recommendations. By the way, larsie, in reference to the LarsRF code example - the uart code not working. If you call uartInit() before RF_init() (in main_acktest.c), then the uart code works. I'm wondering if it may have to do with changing PxSEL after the interrupt lines for the switch (P1.3) have been set. In the MSP430x2xx Family datasheet under the PxSEL and PxSEL2 info (p337), there's a note stating that when PxSEL=1, P1 or P2 interrupts are disabled - regardless of the corresponding P1IE or P2IE state. I'm just glad that P1IE se
  2. CorB, I'm interested in establishing a wireless sensor network (wsn), and the code from LarsRF is great for lower-level wireless interactions, but it doesn't include much of the higher-level protocols. (I could always build my own protocol on top of LarsRF's code in order to implement a wsn, but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.) SimpliciTI is already supported on the Chronos watch, and I wanted to interface the Chronos as an access point on the wsn as well. Good question - thanks for asking.
  3. Question for anyone (or ADIDAlllini in particular): My goal: I'm trying to get SimpliciTI running on the LaunchPad + Anaren's Boosterpack. (I got the LarsRF code to work, and I'm much obliged ....but this post is not about that.) Process thus far: I followed GWDeveloper's tutorial (SimpiciTI Tutorial for CC2500), and I can compile code in CCS without errors. I followed ADIDAlllini's recommendations (post #26 in this thread) and did the following: a) I did not make any SmartRF alterations - different from ADIDAlllini. (I couldn't figure out how to export them, and then I didn't know if I n
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