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  1. good blog. Im following ur blog. U must contunie.
  2. Hi Everyone Im newbie in tiva c. I am writing code for adc. It sending with uart. I am sending adc values. a[3] = ulADC0Value[0]%10 + 48; ulADC0Value[0] = ulADC0Value[0]/10 ; a[2] = ulADC0Value[0]%10 + 48; ulADC0Value[0] = ulADC0Value[0]/10 ; a[1] = ulADC0Value[0]%10 + 48; a[0] = ulADC0Value[0]/10 + 48; UARTCharPutNonBlocking(UART0_BASE, a[0]); UARTCharPutNonBlocking(UART0_BASE, a[1]); UARTCharPutNonBlocking(UART0_BASE, a[2]); UARTCharPutNonBlocking(UART0_BASE, a[3]); But this sending only one cha
  3. I dont want using timer. How will I do it.?
  4. Hi I write a code. But it didnt work. Led is burning and burning out not with range. Where is the problem #include "msp430g2452.h" #define tr BIT0 #define ec BIT1 #define led BIT6 int range=0; void main( void ) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; //watchdog stop DCOCTL=CALDCO_1MHZ; //frequency setup BCSCTL1=CALBC1_1MHZ; P1DIR = tr+led; P1OUT=0x00; //all are zero for(; { P1OUT^=tr; //Trigger is on for 10 us __delay_cycles(10); P1OUT^=tr; if(P1IN&ec) { range++; //when echo coming ran
  5. Seo

    Nokia 5110 display

    will i change this code for 6220 classic display
  6. Hi I want to some basic projects with msp430g2553. I bought msp430 launchpad. and I write some codes. This is my code. #include "msp430G2553.h" ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORG 0F800h ; Program Reset ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESET mov.w #0280h,SP ; Initialize stackpointer StopWDT mov.w #WDTPW+WDTHOLD,&WDTCTL ; WDT Durdur SetupP1 mov.b #001h,&P1DIR mov.b #008h,&P1OUT ; P1.3 set, else reset bis.b #008h,&P1REN ; P1.3 pullup bis.b #008h,&P1IE ; P1.3 Interrupt enable
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