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  1. Thanks for your comment and for the link to the Bluetooth Debugging Assistant. It will be really useful for future projects.
  2. Find here a small guide for building the Android side of the app (The launchpad side can be found on the original post) Android App Setup Download Android Serialport API code (I used the revision 54 for the pinball proof of concept) $ mkdir build $ cd build $ svn checkout -r54 http://android-serialport-api.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ android-serialport-api Download Vector Pinball code (rev 04ee044b27) $ git clone https://github.com/dozingcat/Vector-Pinball.git $ cd Vector-Pinball/ $ git checkout 04ee044b27 Apply the modifications to the Vector Pinball (MSP430Pinball.patch is attach
  3. Yes, the internal pull-up resistors are enabled for pins 2.3 and 2.5
  4. I would like to participate with the Launchpad+Android pinball, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3128-msp430-launchpad-android-pinball/ Could you please add me to the list? Good luck to all!
  5. Thanks for the comments. The schematics are very simple, just two buttons, one LED, and some cables scavenged from an old PC, together with three 330 ohm resistors. Anyway, I wanted to give a try to Fritzing, so find attached the schematics (Launchpad SVG was taken from this post: http://www.43oh.com/2011/07/launchpad-svg-for-fritzing/ )
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to connect a MSP430 to an Android device. In fact, my idea was to use the MSP430 launchpad as a low-cost GPIO board for an Android tablet. I did a little research, and first thought on the audio port for the communication ( http://robots-everywhere.com/re_wiki/index.php?title=Serial_on_Android_using_the_audio_port ) but then I remembered that the tablet supported USB OTG. So, I compiled the CDC_ACM module for the (Allwinner A10 based) tablet in order to emulate serial port over USB. Then, in the MSP430 Launchpad side, I needed a lib for using the serial port. I fo
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