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  1. Delete ALL instances of the Energia Preferences file from your computer. Make sure that there is no preferences.txt file ANYWHERE. Then unzip the Energia V17 folder to your c drive. Don't forget to install the driver files - "run as admin". Read the instructions
  2. Well, I figured out how to get MPU6050 RAW to work. Seems there is alot of misinformation out there with respect to driver files. This GY 521 has a large Arduino support base. I only wish I could get the MPU6050 DMP sketch to work with the teapot demo in Processing. I got Processing to display the little airplane graphic but with any data packs from the msp430 it's another deadend. Has anyone got any energia files to work with the DMP on the MPU650?
  3. Please... can someone PLEASE post the energia code and library files needed to run a MPU6050 / GY521 ?? I'm trying to get this to run on a mobile robot in my computer tech class. Thanks
  4. yeah!! success!! simple find the preferences.txt file in >>>> c:\Users\MyComputerName\AppData\Roaming\Energia\preferences.txt I renamed the Energia folder in this directory as OLDEnergia Then I relaunched Energia V16 from a shortcut I made to the desktop. No need to run as Admin. Once Energia 16 runs it makes a new preferneces.txt file in a new Energia Folder in the c:users\MyComputerName\AppData\Roaming directory That's all
  5. I'm still getting the Launch4j error message. I'm running windows 10 and have tried all the suggestions listed above. Does anyone have energia 16 running on windows 10? Does a Launchpad meed to be connected to the USB port prior to launching Energia??? btw, I can run Energia ver 13 with no problem. I've read that this is a Java related issue. I have the the latest update of Java installed. Any suggestions???
  6. Help!! - Getting the Launch4J error message too Running Windows 10 and cannot get Energia to run... no spaces on the folder name java updated disabled the signed driver feature disabled Bluetooth installed the DPinst64.exe as administrator Still nothing... I had this issue with release 14 on Windows 7 also.... I can run release 13 without any problems I'm on a DELL I5-3 Quad Core Laptop with enough RAM and HD space PLEASE HELP ME... I'm a teacher and need to be able to use Energia for my classes Thanks!
  7. Really?? nothing? Can anyone point me in the right direction... everything on Google is about using an Arduino. Gerbs
  8. I'm looking for a library for a GY521 MPU6050 Gyro that I can code a LaunchPad with the msp430g2553 and the Energia IDE. If searched all over but found nothing. Has anyone got this gryo to work with this Launchpad?? any help is greatly appreciated. Gerbs
  9. I really need help to understand how to use libraries in Energia with a msp430 2453 Launchpad. I'm using version 13 of Energia. I'm really stuck and clueless on how to do this. I've searched and searched for answers but can't figure this out. I found links to the 5110 LCD driver at https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/examples/7.Display There are two here... the LCD_5110 and the LCD_5110_SPI Which one should I use? So I click on the link and see these files LCD_5110.cpp and LCD_5100.h. There's no link to download them. I can view the contents. But how do you get t
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