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  1. Perfect. That's what it looked like, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  2. I recently got one of these, but I can't find a lot of information on it. I'm working off the schematic here http://store.43oh.com/download/uploads/MSP430BluetoothBluePack/schematic/43oh_BP_BluePack_Bluetooth_v1.0.pdf and the image here http://doc.43oh.com/File:Bluetooth_bluepack_hc05_hc06_boosterPack_label_back.PNG So I think I've already figured out my first question, but I'd like some confirmation if anyone knows for sure. It looks like JP2 is what puts the HC05 in master mode since it's connected to PIO11. Is that correct. The other question is about SJ1. I'm not sure what th
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