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  1. the UART runs through the usb. but it only works if my RX and TX pins are crossed
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently working on some code on my MSP430G2553. It's a dual direction UART using TA0CCR1 (I posted about this code earlier.) I would like to intigrate this code into my main program to give it UART functionality however my program is set up using ACLK in upmode. TA0CTL = TASSEL_1 + ID_3 + MC_1; and the code uses SMCLK in continuous mode, so how do i make the code work with ACLK in upmode (and preferably with ID_3)? Here is the code I am trying to modify: /****************************************************************************** * Half Duplex So
  3. It works! Thanks to everyone who helped. Especially simpleavr who put in the most effort.
  4. I don't think this is the case. The code appears to configures the baud rate to 9600 (unless it gets redifined somewhere else.)
  5. Hmmm, I swapped the jumpers to HW UART as well as the TXD and RXD pins. now i'm getting the problem with U's being in front of everything I type. simpleavr, did you fix this?
  6. Correct, when run with CCTL0 it works fine. Stepping through the program I noticed that it does recieve the character from the terminal and it jumps into the timer ISR repeatedly then goes into Transmit(). So something is wrong about the transmit part of the program bucause nothing gets transmited. Are there particular pins I need to use with TA0CCR1 for UART, or can I define them?
  7. I have been looking online and I haven't been able to find any restrictions with using TA0CCR1 on a particular pin. Perhaps it's not working because I am using TA0CCR1 without TA0CCR0?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner and working with a MSP430G2553 and Parallax-Serial-Terminal. I want to add UART to a program I am working on. However my program is already using TA0CCR0 and TA1CCR0.So I am trying to convert TA0CCR0 to TA0CCR1 in this sample code I found: /****************************************************************************** * Half Duplex Software UART on the LaunchPad * * Description: This code provides a simple Bi-Directional Half Duplex * Software UART. The timing is dependant on SMCLK, which * is set to 1MHz. The transmit function is base
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