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  1. Probably that explains this from "Getting Started with the TIVA
  2. Ok, and by the way, for me seems a good excuse. I have a Tiva C and for the current system I'm not in the mood to install the TI stuff and I thought on Energia, thanks.
  3. Thanks. Now the question is; if is just that why isn't Tiva C listed as supported on Energia??? :!!!: for me that is quite strange, a reason must exist... :?
  4. Hi, Does Energia support or have planned support for Tiva C? I serach for this info but didn't find nothing about Tiva C. Tiva C seems similar to Stellaris, maybe the support for Tiva C isn't that hard ;-)
  5. Sure, delete /home/liran/energia-0101E0009/lib/librxtxSerial.so and then rename /home/liran/energia-0101E0009/lib/librxtxSerial64.so to /home/liran/energia-0101E0009/lib/librxtxSerial.so
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