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    I got my stack of Stellaris Launchpads today... Now development can begin! :-)

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    I have designed and am in the process f ordering an adapter card that will let me use my old 3.3v arduino shields with my TI Sellaris LM4F Launchpad.
    There are no hard connections beween the two sides so you can wire pins as you need. This will enable the user to use multiple shields with the Launchpad event it the shield signals conflict.This is really usefull with the SeeedStudion 2.8" TFT/Touch V 1.0 from Radio Shack  which uses all but 4 pins.
    The shield will be available at: Batch PCB Marketplace: https://www.batchpcb.com/pcbs/102355 from Sparkfun.
    I have attached a picture and will post the Eagle files if there is interest. (For some reason this forumn will not let me post the Eagle File)
    Edit: I have attached the Eagle files in a zip file for all to use.
    Edit: 12/25/2012 - Corrected error in .BRD file included in .ZIP
    Merry Christmas Everyone
    John K

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