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  1. Can you find any difference between the new Tiva TM4C123G Launchpad vs the now "old" Stellaris Launchpad or is this just a change of name? Tiva Launchpad: http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c123gxl
  2. What do you mean with "You can not send a frame on a serial port in reception if you do not treat the reception of these frames"? Does the software in the attached library take care of this problem?
  3. The speed will depend of the optimization capabilities of the compiler. Using a byte pointer to the buffer and adressing it without the index is probably faster ( *ptr++ = GPIO_PORTB_DATA_R ). Unfolding the for loop will also increase speed at the expence of memory.
  4. Very usefull indeed! :-) Have you looked at fast mode plus (FM+) or high speed (HS) modes?
  5. Finally got an hour to look at the CCS environment and the ti code examples while my oldest son (2 years old) looked at photos on the other half of the computer screen... :-)
  6. Should the Launchpad component be placed on the top or bottom of the PCB when creating a boosterpack? I guess there needs to be two inverted components if the component should be used both for top and bottom placement of a stellaris launchpad, or does eagle handle this for you?
  7. I got my Stellaris Launchpads today (2013-01-02) and they are also revision A3.
  8. I got my stack of Stellaris Launchpads today... Now development can begin! :-)
  9. I get an error message when I open the file in eagle v.6.3: "board and schematic are not consistent!"...
  10. How is this supposed to be used? I tried it on a board there I will put the Launchpad on top of my custom PCB (which is larger than the Launchpad). But using the Launchpad component from this lib will result in DRC errors on all wires crossing the outline of the Launchpad component.
  11. Ordered my stellaris launchpads from ti the day before yesterday. Still no preliminary delivery date from them (Edit: is 31/12 2012), but the website says 4-6 weeks delivery time... I guess I will have to wait until after the christmas and new year holidays for my kits...
  12. Hi! I'm a 38 year old system designer / embedded software architect by profession, right now looking for a suitable plattform for my next hobby project; a multi purpose reef aquarium monitor / controller. After comparing the Stellaris LP with the Arduino Mega and Arduino Due, the Netduino, and even the Raspberry Pi the Stellaris LP looks really promising (espessially more uarts and i2c). I have done a few hobby projects recently, including a M16C-based pH-controller and monitor for my planted tank, an Arduino-based clone 16 chn LED PWM controller with LCD and battery backup:ed RTC, and a 6
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