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  1. I'm in the process of moving and have one packed away in a moving box somewhere around here. I'm not going to have a chance to mess with it for a few months, at least. You're welcome to it (if I can find the box it's in, hmmm..).
  2. You can also use a center-weighted method such as taking the running median of a sample set. This eliminates outliers, high and low. The response to change is slowish due to the need to sort the list. However, the sample size can be adjusted for the best accuracy/speed balance of what you are measuring.
  3. Part 1 of the Back to School blog entry: So what can you get this week? While supplies last the MSP430 LaunchPad is available for the low price of $6.99 and free shipping! Part 2 of the Back to School blog entry: ...While supplies last the MSP-SA430-SUB1GHZ is available for the ultra-low price of $24.99 + free shipping! ... They must have a set number for sale at the reduced price. Get in early if you want the deal I bet the week 4 BT watches sell out the first day.
  4. What he said ^^ Anybody know time/date for start of each week? I have a feeling week 2 and 4 will sell out quickly.
  5. Must...resist...starting...cool...new...project....with...1284P-TQFP44. Must...finish...two projects...already...underway. Stop torturing me with these irresistable offers
  6. the DEVICE connector, not debug connector... oh, there's my problem. Shows up fine with the non-prebuilt .bin. For some reason, the prebuilt .bin doesn't work with my system. Thanks for the help!
  7. This is a nice way to send code to to Stellarpad! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this working. I've flashed the code (prebuilt and my own) successfully. The process ends without error. The board blinks after sw2/reset (the prebuilt version blinks much faster though). In either case, no new usb device is found and I can't see the device on any linux machine I have. I'm using linux mint 13 and ubuntu 12.04. Any suggestions?
  8. Mods: Please cross-post or copy this thread to the new Energia forum under Stellarisiti. There's a lot of good info here.
  9. udev....facepalm After fighting for weeks trying to get CCS+linux+StellarPad working I thought I already had everything installed and configured. Then, I did a fresh install of Mint and didn't go back to the basics. A quick add to the udev rules makes the StellarPad work. THANKS! Both MSP430 and StellarPad are happily blinking RED_LED via Energia!
  10. Same boat here. More than a week, nothing. They probably canned the samples with the surge of orders. I'm not expecting anything now.
  11. 1 vote for #1 above. I think it would be best if the Energia subforum had 2 subforums - MSP430 and StellarPad, each with a "Library" subforum of it's own. That way if other architecture comes along, a new subforum can be created for that as well and everything is in one place as far as Energia info is concerned. BTW, THANK YOU:) to the Energia folks for the hard work on StellaPad and THANK YOU:) for maintaining such a nice place to get info!
  12. I've followed the cdcacm directions and have the MSP430 working with Energia! Well, I can upload Blinky example anyway. But, I can't get the Stellarpad to work. Upon upload I get "No ICDI device with USB VID:PID 1cbe:00fd found! Failed!" error. Linux Mint 3.2.0-23 kernel, fresh install yesterday Energia latest version downloaded and installed today Any suggestions?
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