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  1. I managed to get a copy of LM Flash Programmer from somewhere else. It seems to be able to talk to the board, it can read register values and the firmware version (haven't tried to upload anything with it yet). So, if the drivers work, maybe the problem lies at Energia after all?
  2. Other USB ports yield the same result (tried ports on an USB hub, on the docking station and on the laptop itself). The link to the flash programmer ends in a 404 page. Edit: I tried it on a second machine with Windows 7, same drivers, same device, same Energia ... it works there. I tend to blame Windows 8 for now.
  3. What drivers are needed to access the LaunchPad on Windows? I installed the "Stellaris ICDI Drivers" and the LaunchPad shows up as "Stellaris Virtual Serial Port (COM3)", "Stellaris OCDO DFI Device" and "Stellaris ICDI JTAG/SWD Interface" in the device manager, COM3 is available in the "Tools/Serial Port" menu of Energia. But when I try to upload the Blink example I get the following error message: Binary sketch size: 1.916 bytes (of a 262.144 byte maximum) Failed! No ICDI device with USB VID:PID 1cbe:00fd found! I confirmed that the Serial Port Device has the correct VID: USB\VID_1CBE
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