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  1. Here is my Java output: I have not tried the Arduino 1.x IDE yet as I've been using the 0022 version for months with no issues. (don't fix what ain't broke!)
  2. I've shut down my lab for the night. I'll get back tomorrow evening. Thank you for your help thus far.
  3. I just tried that. The LaunchPad had been disconnected from the computer for 20 minutes or so. Now I get this in the serial monitor but no blinking light (Blinky sketch):
  4. Ok the above link seems to have made some progress. Now I can load a sketch to the board. Once. Then I get the following output in the serial monitor when I try to load a different sketch:
  5. Just checked, I do have the kernel headers installed for the current kernel version. Now as to source files... Do you mean *all* of the source files for this distro? Or something more specific? Thank you.
  6. I don't think I have the source or kernel headers installed. I know build essentials is installed. Off I go to install some software...
  7. Yes. Via the command 'ant run' (in the energia/build directory) I can get the IDE to load and I can compile software via the 'verify' button. I'll read the thread about the cdcacm driver you've linked.
  8. Hi, Yes I used the 0009 binaries. I cannot remember if Mint has a live CD or not. Been a while since I've needed a live CD.... And I am running 64 bit. Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic
  9. Thank you. However, as I posted in another thread I cannot get the binaries to work. I keep running into Java issues. I've got this working. do I need to run 'ant run' now everytime I want to use this? Further, I cannot get the damned cdcacm drivers to work.
  10. Is there an easier way to get the cdcacm drivers working? I'm at my wits end here. I am not a coder so unless the instructions followed to the letter work I cannot get this going. I followed the instructions, copied the 3.0 version of the cdcacm-0.1 files to /usr/src/ and tried to run the install script. No matter what I tried it failed to run with various errors depending on how I tried to run it... sudo, or su'd as root changed the permissions to allow it to be executable etc. I finally tried to just run the commands by hand from the script. I get these errors when I run th ebuild c
  11. Ok, I have built this on Mint 12. I run ant clan build run and it gives me an ide. I can compile software. Now, how do I run the IDE again? Is there a Binary hiding somewhere?
  12. Hi folks, I've tried to install the binary version as well as compiling via github repository using this tutorial: http://elabz.com/msp430-in-64-bit-ubuntu-12-04-linux-the-arduino-way/ No matter what I try I get this error in the console: While I am not a new user to Linux I cannot code my way out of a wet paper sack... So, I'm stumped. I've searched Google and only found hits relating to the Arduino and other Java stuff that is well over my head. Help appreciated. -- Mongo
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