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  1. Thanks Robert. Wouldn't it make more sense to first include all libs thru Energia.h? I also had to include inttypes.h because can.h (and more) use the type declaration uint32_t and the likes. But after resolving another change, the sketch compiles OK.
  2. I rewrote the example (multi_rx.c) from the Stellarisware examples for Energia. When I saw that driverlib was taken from TivaWare, I reworked my sketch with the example from TivaWare. I was warned because TI states that TivaWare only works for the C-series. /***************************************************************************** // CANtest.ino - Peripheral example demonstrating multiple CAN message // reception. // //***************************************************************************** #include <inttypes.h> //#include <stdbool.h> //#include <stdint
  3. My Canbus sketch does not work anymore. The pin definitions for the LM4F are not included in pin_map.h. The driverlib for the lm4f (Energia\hardware\lm4f\cores\lm4f\driverlib) seems to be taken from the Tiva C software package. Where are the definitions for the LM4F's?
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