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  1. ihwild

    High powered led projects multiple ones

    I posted while I was sleepy.. It isn't really what or number of LEDs I'm looking for guidance on but drivers to run them. I'm not familiar with mounting smd components so and through hole drivers would be easier to prototype with. Or guidance on where or how to narrow down the choices when I look at the chips online. There is just so dang many of them. I do know I want to run them from at least 12 vdc even the party lights because I want them portable. The only thing on the leds that get me confused is the mcd vs lumens but I'm sure I saw a page somewhere online explaining that. Rich
  2. Hi, I've done a little searching and will continue to search more but here is what I posted on TI's website E2E. I have three LED projects in mind (at least 3). Project one. Drive multiple led arrays in alternating flashing and possibly solid burn patterns (3-4 hi powered 1 watt led per array ) Solid colors (basic end result amber warning strobes for plowing vehicle) Possibly higher wattage or more led for a flood light head. Would like dimming possible Project two similar concept but high powered rgb led's going to be used for party lights Project three similar to this product http://www.adafruit.com/products/306 It uses some Chinese chip LPD8806 and an "SPI" like protocol to drive each RGB led . The page also mentions shift registers which I believe are on the chip to allow each led to be individually addressable. I'd like to build a matrix but getting individual leds and making my own board instead of a strip. I still want leds individual addressable and fully color controllable. The whole stripe only uses 4 pins, power, gnd, data and clock. I'd also like to see about using higher power ones. I've been trying to read the data sheets but I'm not sure what would be the best drivers to use. I'd also prefer this was easy to implement with the least extra components as possible and for easy for someone knew to making PCB's and soldering anything smd. Rich
  3. ihwild

    Hi From Windham, Maine

    Hi, I'm living in Windham, Maine. I've recently have picked up multiple Microcontroller development packages. I've some 430 launchpad items, a multiple pic board, an ardunio and a STM board. I'm probably going to work with them all of course but I believe I am leaning towards the TI boards due to cost effectiveness. My current interest is Hi power led strobes but I'm always looking into other areas as well. But first I need to learn how to program and interface hardware to do what I need. Richard
  4. ihwild

    Another RGB LED Board

    I'm planning on doing some LED driver boards myself. What you have made there looks very nice. I'm new on here and still at the basics of learning everything. I was curious about one thing though. What program did you use to make the PCB design?