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  1. There is also another tool called PlatformIO which allows you to create Energia projects, compile and flash from the command line. http://platformio.org/
  2. Yea I could see this working for something like that. Is the box connected to the G2553 LaunchPad linux based?
  3. There is also some examples in the latest MSPWare ( showcasing the BooserPack + MSP432 Launchpad. Along with schematics and documentation for the board. http://www.ti.com/tool/mspware
  4. Ansible is actually free and open source. They have a tool called "Ansible Tower" that is a GUI that sits on top of ansible that gives you a nice bunch of stats and options for running playbooks. I haven't used it so can't comment on how useful it is. I have been using ansible with smaller scale setups so it might be more useful when you're managing 100s of servers all based in the cloud (Amazon, DigitalOcean, etc..). This is probably a better link to learn about it: https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/index.html As for updates using wireless processor, if there is enough memory to hold the
  5. Hello all! If anyone else is interested in devops tools like ansible/vagrant/docker or linux administration this project might interest you. I recently started learning about ansible a tool used to configure/orchestrate servers. So I thought I would try and use that to push firmware updates out to MSP430s. I came up with a solution that allows me to run a command on my machine which then copies the firmware to Rapsberry Pis and then flashes any MSP430 LaunchPads connected to them. I first had to compile the msp430 dll and the latest version of mspdebug for the ARM architecture (rat
  6. Awesome! Great to see already. FYI There is an updated grpahics library from TI that supports MSP430 and MSP432. Which is also included in MSPWare. http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-grlib
  7. Official TI Press Release: http://newscenter.ti.com/2015-03-24-Texas-Instruments-introduces-32-bit-MSP432-microcontrollers-MCUs-Ultra-low-power-at-its-best-performance-at-its-core I think you guys probably know everything by now though
  8. @@Fred no worries, good sleuthing on your point. I contributed to that document so I was just surprised/impressed it was found already and yes full disclosure I work at TI within MSP430. Mostly work on MSPWare, DriverLib and a lot of our internal tools/infrastructure. Also did a lot of work on the MSP432 tools so I'm excited for it to be out in the open soon
  9. @@Fred Oh I forgot we added a link in the start menu for that. More will be coming soon...
  10. Just curious, how'd you find that...
  11. I like the RFID tag idea although it may end up with some false-positives. The dog often lays at the foot of the couch when we're on there watching TV. Wouldn't want to bother her if she's just laying near, especially because the dog bed is near.
  12. I'm about to start up a project to try and keep my dog off the couch when I'm not there. I was thinking of putting some force sensors under the couch legs and using those to calculate the weight on the couch and then play a high pitched sound to bother her. Any recommendations on force sensors? Anyone done something like this before?
  13. Since websocket is just TCP based at its core it should be supported by CC3000. I would start looking at porting an arduino library to energia, which would probably be easier than writing it from scratch. I haven't used atom-shell yet just node-webkit but it looks promising. https://github.com/brandenhall/Arduino-Websocket
  14. Neat idea, mounting to the BoosterPack makes it simpler. I'm guessing M1/M2 is where you plug in the motors? What are you using for the front to keep it balanced? Some sort of caster?
  15. The BoosterPack looks cool! I enjoy seeing robotics projects simply because they are very tangible and make for a great demo. What sort of chassis are you using to mount the board/motors to? I recently developed a BoosterPack that goes with SparkFun Magician Chassis that has been working great for me. Here is the 43oh thread about the BoosterPack http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5558-redbot-boosterpack/
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