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  1. I'm using hte MSP430G2113 chip, and the compiler is unknown to me, I just assumed its a standard ANSI C compiler. maybe i should just attach my code, but its not getting stuck in the while loop in hte main function: I have an Emocco Bluetooth dev board attached to the TI board and pretty much all functionality is handled with interrupts. One of the interrupts handles commands from the bluetooth board to set values. If a start command comes in, it looks at an array of commands (basically turn LED on or off) and starts iterating through the array, the problem is introducing the delay while
  2. My question is this: can I use a while loop to suspend a program until a value in a global variable is >= a constant. I'm using timer0 to interrupt every one second. I update a global integer value by one every time the interrupt method executes. However, when my program reaches the while loop, it locks up my program. Does the while loop prevent the interrupt from firing, or is the while loop putting a lock on the variable and not allowing the interrupt statement to update. The code I have is as follows and I am new to hardware programming. // initialize timer TA0CCR0 = 12
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