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  1. inru0716

    LCD 12864

    hello, PentiumPC, thanks for your ideas, I contract 5v to lcd12864, and the lcd's backlight is light on normally. but I am so confused..... why the lcd can't display anything..............................
  2. inru0716

    LCD 12864

    LCD is serial mode and PSB set to 0, about the other parts ...I ever PUT the 1602LCD, and that can display the word normally. So I think the other part is OK.
  3. inru0716

    LCD 12864

    hello, PentiumPC This is my LCD12864's controller datasheet (ST7920). describe as follow... http://www.crystalfontz.com/controllers/ST7920.pdf This is my LCD datasheet which have the pin location and the detail information. Unfortunately, this is a CHINESE type... http://www.sunman.cn/document/product/chinese/usermanual/smg12864g2-zk.pdf
  4. inru0716

    LCD 12864

    hello, everyone I am a msp430 Beginner. The board I using is MSP430F5438 EVM. Recently, I want to display something on my LCD 12864 which the controller is ST7920, but I can't display anything in that (My 12864 LCD just display the back light, and not words show from it). I am so upset...Because I played it about two weeks !!! So... Have anyone could give me some ideas to solve it ? Thank you and thank you so so muchhhhh!!! :thumbup: This is my codes... #include "msp430x54x.h" #define uchar unsigned char #define uint unsigned int #define CSPIN (0x04)
  5. hello, everyone I have a question about " how the MSP430F5438 communicate with PC?" anyone have idea? There is a "UART.h" what I found in example code. The "UART.h" is used for msp430x42x series, but my board is MSP430x54x..... So............ anyone know about the UART.h ??? or, if you know how to communicate with PC using the hyper-terminator ....Please and please...give me some ideas and thank you so so much!!!
  6. sorry for nuetron, but I don't think so, because I had ever test your way, and the answer is NOT. So, maybe we need another way to solve this question! but thank you so muck for your attention ! :mrgreen:
  7. Hello everyone ~ I am Steven. I had ever made some tutorial lab, but I always don't know how to measure the delay time... I just know that the delay time is maybe measured by using the MCU's CPU clock. So, if my MCU's board is "MSP430F5438", and its CPU clock are "CPU up to 25MHz ", then how to known the delay time? If I wish the LED can light on and off at 1 second delay. About the programs I written as describe follow: (And, Thank you for your attention!!! :mrgreen: ) #include "msp430x54x.h" void delay(long unsigne
  8. Thanks your attention and reply!!! But... I would like more knowledge about _NOP(); operation. Because even I delete it, there is not changing occurs. :crazy:
  9. Hello, gordon About the device-specific of "UCS Module Registers", could you tell me what is its device-specific name? Because I had ever try to find it out in the same site that you given. :!:
  10. Hello~ everyone, I meet a little question in the C_example of MSP430 which is about "Watch dog reset", and I don't know what is the "_NOP()" mean....SO..I need your helpppppppppppppppppp !!! The question is "_NOP();" Instruction. My MSP430 version is "MSP430F5438". My example code is described below? #include "msp430x54x.h" void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDT_ARST_1000; // WDT 1000ms, ACLK, reset after expired time P5DIR |= 0x20; // Set P5.5 to output direction TA0R = 0x3FFF; // Valid opcode (for "jmp $")
  11. by the way, do you know how to find device-specific data sheet out?
  12. Thank you for "jsolarski", but I just don't know why it set "DCOx, MODx and DCORSEL_3", I can't understand the means about the User's Guide described. :cry:
  13. Hello everyone, I encounter a question about aspect of U.C.S. operation. so, please help me!!! and thank you ~~~ My question is as follow: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __bis_SR_register(SCG0); // Disable the FLL control loop UCSCTL0 = 0x0000; // Set lowest possible DCOx, MODx UCSCTL1 = DCORSEL_3; // Set RSELx for DCO = 4.9 MHz ??? UCSCTL2 = FLLD_1 + 74; // Set DCO Multiplier for 2.
  14. Hi Everyone, I would like to practice the "Interrupt Functions", but I meet a question about: Why the LED have some error action? Sometimes the switch occurred "the delay phenomenon".... describe the action.. Switch button?If press one time, Turn on the LED at Port 5.5 If press two times, Turn on the LED at Port 5.4 If press four times, Turn on the LEDs at Port 5.5/4 #include "msp430x54x.h" int i = 0; void main(void) { // only for clear to Zero P5OUT &= ~(BIT4+BIT5); P2OUT &= ~BIT0; WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;
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