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    adav got a reaction from Connycola in Ethernet Booster Pack v3   
    Hello Rob,
    I have ordered this from tindie store. Can you please point me to latest source code of MSP430 for accessing W5500 booster pack?
    In your previous post, you said you have made small changes to 5200 code to make it work on 5500, it would help if you can share your changes. 
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    adav got a reaction from Philipp in An Indian from Germany   
    I am an embedded engineer from India, recently got transferred to Germany by my current employer. I am passionate about my profession and get paid for enjoying my job.
    At work: I am a Firmware specialist working on PPC/ARM based embedded linux h/w platform used in streaming media projectors and smart displays.
    Currently I am working on TI's DM8148 ARM based SoC with high performance H264 h/w accelerator. This is an interesting project involving few latest technologies like 802.1AVB ethernet protocol for time-sensitive audio/video transportation.
    I spend most of my earnings on buying different embedded hardwares like Beagle/sheeva/raspberry_pi/wifi_routers/olinuxino/arduino/MSP430 etc..
    13 years ago i started with small assembly program for 8051, since then i am living electronics and firmware. My ultimate goal of my life is to start a company and help society to build a better world through technology. Especially in India there is a great need for automation to conserve energy,water and other natural resources.
    here is a small blog i started few years ago to share my hobby projects.
    thank you all passionate engineers for your contribution,
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    adav reacted to spirilis in [Group Buy-8][C]NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceiver Module - ~$2   
    Just FYI we only have 4 of the boosterpack boards left for ya, and then that's it... I intend to order more but I doubt they'll be here in time (maybe do another GB for these if there's interest once a new batch of boosterpacks come in)
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