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  1. Thanks again Rob. I choose the 59116F because it's not a constant current driver (I've got resistors on my LED string already) plus the LEDs pull more current then a constant current driver can sink.
  2. Going back to this older post, I'd have 1 MSP as a master (input all my signals here) and then 3 as slaves which communicate with the TLC59116F ICs? Since this would be done over UART I assume I couldn't have anything else on that line? I'd like to have Bluetooth control and an accelerometer (for a strobe under panic braking). Does this mean I need an MSP with multiple UART ports? Only thing I don't get here is number 2 - where is this placed, just before the VCC on both chips? After the existing ones. Thanks for the help.
  3. Well finally, I think I'm got it. I've uploaded a picture of a 'finalized' drawing for a sequencer which could control my LED front turn signals (either bumper or headlights as they only have 13 and 15 channels respectively). Would anyone be willing to have a look at the drawing in Eagle CAD before I move on to board layout? I want another pair of eyes to see if I'm missing anything.
  4. Trying to make more progress on the MSP430/TLC59116F LED controller project I've post about in the past (http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5348-msp430tlc5940-based-led-sequencer/#entry46784) I need to have 12V (~14.5V when running) DC to trigger the inputs for the various LED sequences. I know that the MSP430s I/O pins will not except 12V and I have to step it down. Of the various choices I think an opto coupler would be best due to the electrical isolation but connecting it to the MSP has be a bit confused. Everything I've read has the uC controlling/switching something higher voltage and not
  5. Slowly working on a prototype for my Sequencer. I want to make a simple one before I go a head and design the tail light sequencers. I've got all the correct pins connected together I believe but I need some advise on power inputs and signals to control the LEDs. https://flic.kr/p/pZHckN Let's assume I'm using this board for my front turn signals. First off the LED board itself will have power brought to it by a 12V regulator. My front lights are marker and turn signal. Should the marker feed the sequencer power? Would the turn signal input be connected to one of the inputs on the MSP? What
  6. I'm trying to find an Eagle Library for the TLC59116 in the 28-TSSOP package. I've tried Googling it but I'm having no luck. Does anyone have one? I know I can modify an existing part but I've had no luck with that in the past.
  7. WorKing on this some more and have some questions. What value pull up resistors do I need on the i2c lines? Theses connect to the i2c lines and power correct? Also since there are 3 housings I want to have 3 msp430/tlc59116f boards. I can simply have 1 uc as the main and the other 2 as slaves correct? This would be all done in the programming and nothing extra component wise on the board correct? I understand using the uart feature to have the msp430 s communicate with each other, however there is also a blue tooth module that connects to the same lines. Will this cause issues? Tryi
  8. I will have to check out Energia more in depth when I get home.
  9. I'm aware of the current limiting option but I do need PWM for some of the planned light shows. I think with the 59116f there would be less connections to the uc.
  10. I do need PWM for marker lights. The more I read the more this all makes sense finally lol.
  11. Upon doing so more reading, TI makes the 59116f led driver which is NOT constant current (I don't need constant current with my design anyhow). This one works on I2C communication and will still do everything I want. Only small down side is it is surface mount.
  12. Thanks again for all the help Rob! I've got quite a bit of reading to do. I forgot to note that my boards are series parallel, common power, seperate grounds. The previous controller I bought from StupidPig worked good for what I wanted at the time but now I want something more complex (sequencing). There's 3 tail lights sections on my car, seperate brake/turn signals. I'm thinking of breaking it down like this: 1 brake light, either side will be 1 MSP430 and 9 TLCs Center brake light - 1 MSP and 4 TLCs I don't need the signals to communicate as I don't need them to d
  13. Alright, I'll have to see if I have one of those to try it out on my breadboard. Thanks for all the help Rob. Slowly slowly progressing forward in this. Now, should I have 1 MSP430 controlling all 3 seperate tail lights with all of the TLC5940 (20 in total) daisy chained together or break them into 3 seperate controllers and the TLC5940s for that tail light. I assume more code for the communication side with 3 controllers.
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