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    sirri got a reaction from izdane in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    sirri got a reaction from Fe2o3Fish in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    sirri got a reaction from bluehash in D'OH ! : ) [humor :P]   
    What happens if Homer wants to do something with a Launchpad : )

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    sirri reacted to cde in Sunrise Alarm (Atomic) Clock (fully featured)   
    Found this through hackaday.
    Sunrise Alarm Clock.
    Uses a G2553 (Programmed via Launchpad)
    Uses a DFC-77 Atomic Radiowave Time Receiver for, well, atomic time.
    Standard Character LCD (via a shift register) (and pwmed backlight)
    Settings through Pushbuttons
    Simple Alarm via PWM melody.
    10mm LEDS to provide Sunlight (These could/should be replaced with high current 1a/3a type leds imho)
    And battery backup (with backup status recognition on p1.4 interrupt) via three diodes!
    A full featured project, though it could use better leds, and unless you are in Europe, a different clock (either standalone rtc, or a regional radio clock source WWV or WWVB in US though I can't find a source for modules)
    And a complete schematic would be nice (I think they mislabeled which regulator they use, since they have 5v in on a 7805 regulator (5v out), connected to the g2553)
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    sirri reacted to simpleavr in analogRead not working :/ (energia)   
    that's because g2211 does not have adc. it only has comparators. 
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    sirri reacted to energia in analogRead not working :/ (energia)   
    The analogRead() function needs as argument the ADC channel. In your case this is A5.
    try replacing:
    int sensorPin = P1_5;
    static uint8_t sensorPin = A5;
    You can find a pin mapping diagram here: https://github.com/energia/Energia/wiki/Hardware
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    sirri reacted to Rickta59 in analogRead not working :/ (energia)   
    You need to use A5 instead of P1_5.
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    sirri reacted to simpleavr in Hello from Turkey   
    i can't resist a joke either.
    here is how u make a 430 "talk" (or "speak")

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    sirri reacted to OppaErich in Hello from Turkey   
    Merhaba sirri. That's all of my turkish... :wave:
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    sirri reacted to Rei Vilo in Energia Latest Releases   
    Please find the latest releases of Energia:
    energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg - Mac OS X: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)  energia-0101E0009-windows.zip - Windows: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)  energia-0101E0009-linux.tgz - Linux: Binary release version 0101E0009 (12/06/2012)  
    Other links of interest:
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    sirri reacted to pabigot in 32k crystal install and test   
    Use of the crystal actually increases power draw slightly (sub uA, but at 100 nA it's relatively significant), so for ultra-low power (on 2xx devices) where timing is not critical it's better to use VLOCLK. I believe but have not reconfirmed that if the crystal is installed but not active, the power is about as low as if the crystal was not installed. For some power results, see BSP430's Application LPM page. (Edit: this page suggests I believed that populating the crystal does affect power consumption even when it is not used.)
    On 5xx chips, especially FR5xx, there are cases where you cannot achieve the lowest power modes without a crystal.
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    sirri reacted to GeekDoc in 32k crystal install and test   
    As jsolarski said, you have to make the call. Until now (VFD clock), I've not needed the accuracy of the crystal in any project. However, there are a bunch of ways to use less pins; it just requires creative coding, or additional hardware. You can use a serial LCD, or add a shift register to cut your 6 pins in half or less. Inputs (buttons, pot, sensor) usually only require 1 data pin. I've used the 14-pin chips in several projects.
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    sirri reacted to jsolarski in 32k crystal install and test   
    Not necessarily more more stable or faster, It just has different advantages for using it.
    1) more accurate time and less drift
    2) low power (it is all low power lol)
    you have to make the call on if you need that accurate time or not.
    Personally I have not used a project that needed a crystal for the final design.
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    sirri reacted to abecedarian in More Beginner Content Especially at Energia Section Please   
    I agree. It is like being at a party and everyone is in the middle around the table while we are standing next to the walls, looking in at everyone having fun, and there is no one there to bring you in to the middle of the party.
    I wish you well.
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    sirri reacted to SirPatrick in Hello from Turkey   
    Hey Sirri,
    Welcome to 43oh. Looking forward to seeing what kind of projects you bring us.
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