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  1. Hi, Can you please confirm that it works with a SDHC card as well?? I just have 4 GB SDHC... T_T Thanks.
  2. that's right. i still could not get it working as well T_T
  3. it is working on the first try.. thanks a lot.. i have a stellaris launchpad as well now and i want to explore its abilites (especially pros against msp430's) .. now i will test it on raspberry pi, writing a simple python code.. yay^_^
  4. hi.. just saw your posts..i was away for a while,.i will try this on monday nite
  5. i am back.. i have tried that too but it is still not working :-( *my card is 4gb SDHC formatted to FAT16 btw..
  6. yeah i know.. but i will work more on it : ) i need some advice about cases and interface as well.. that is another (and important) issue..
  7. Paper Mache + MSP430 Light Alarm Clock Latest picture..
  8. i will tell the results when i test it.. thanks ; )
  9. hello, i was away for almost two months.because in my country (turkey) there were pretty big events. police suppressed people using violence, killed 4 young people, blinded around 15 people and injured thousands.. almost no TI equipments (but i have bought a stellaris launchpad, yay!) and no democracy.. i hope energia works good with stellaris see ya, sirri
  10. i have the same problem.. and i am using WINDOWS 7 ! i unplug and plug to another usb port,sometimes it fixes, sometimes it does not.. strange and annoying : (
  11. seems a lot more complicated than JT. maybe only pro may be the lack of using a toroid.. yeah. indeed i have used 2 pcs of AA batteries in my "Light Alarm Project" CR2032 didn't work to power my 4seg.7 digit LED display. I am just testing, another thing is JT system is told to "suck" the energy of a battery, even below 1 V.. But at normal conditions, i mean using 2 AA batteries let's say, it won't work. indeed, just experimenting ; ) i will still try it, nothing to lose ; ) lm317 stage is for that indeed, to be (more) sure to stay within safe limits because i know the output of JT
  12. I know most of us are not "workers" in classical mean but most of us are still crashing under the gears of hars capitalism. Today is the first day of May; International Workers Day.. I am celebrating all of your workers day ; ) Hope to live in better conditions all over the world.
  13. indeed.. i am just testing and i have similar stability and reliability concers as yours.. so before i send the diagrams (which is not that hard) i want to test it on my own a little bit..
  14. You are right, sorry for my messed breadboard : ) Here is an updated photo. Same messy breadboard but photoshopped.. Grayed out the "irrelevant" regions.. (Of couse LCD has nothing to do with this indeed)
  15. I tried it for test and it works. I am not sure if it is efficient or not though.. ?
  16. @@bluehash ; i guess you are suggesting me to use this method: http://www.43oh.com/2011/02/five-cheap-breadboard-prototyping-tips-and-tricks-list-2/ (number 1 : 1. SDcard breakout with headers)
  17. ok, thanks bluehash, i will try it tomorrow evening and tell you the results.
  18. i will be very happy if someone helps. i want to do "datalogging"
  19. I have checked usci_spi.cpp and usci_isr_handler.c and i was suprised that they are really changed in github. i have replaced my files with the ones in github. However it still doesn't work : / Here is the result when i test the code (attached image) Sirri
  20. Hi all, 43'oh forum is awesome! I like being here.. I like people who are interested at stuff similar to mine.. I am suggesting that we may wanna follow each other at other platforms such as twitter, google+ etc. I am beginning: My twitter account is @sirrix and i would be glad to get in touch. Edit: My Youtube Channel is PiterXdT Thanks, Sirri
  21. Hi Calin, But there is also +3.3V just above +5V.. What about connecting USB 5V to there (3.3V and also 5V) ? Will that burn something? : ) Thanks, Sirri
  22. I have formatted my SD Card to FAT file system My pin connections are as below (checked in the petit fatfs libray) (and 10 for the CS) I have pasted t_read and t_write .txt files into the sd card.. P.S. My 16MHz Crystal is not soldered is this an issue for this task? uint8_t data; uint8_t _SCLK = 7; uint8_t _MOSI = 15; uint8_t _MISO = 14; //defaults on HW SPI pins I am getting this message on serial monitor and so when i check my sd card i see that t_write is still blank.. Press button to start... Open a test file (t_read.txt). Failed with rc=6
  23. yeah : ) why not ? : ) i can also supply for booster packs glory, majesty, unity.. : )
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