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  1. In the US I'd say about $10k for testing, filing, etc to get an FCC ID, it's less if you're only doing FCC class B instead of an intentional radiator. It's around $2500 in China, although to be fair I haven't tried that yet but we do other testing there and the prices are definitely lower. Of course that's if things go well, if they go wrong Well chamber time is by the day...
  2. Well I thought I'd shamelessly post my MSP430 project here and see what people think of it ( I asked the mods first Anyway it's a two part CC430 system with an access point and wireless endpoint. The AP runs a small ethernet webserver that takes variables, and commands from a browser or an iphone app, and sends them to it's endpoints. Then you can activate the endpoint's, relay, leds, or read it's opto isolator input, or A2D channels. I made a indiegogo for it here to see if I can get it FCC certed https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/konexs-wireless-development-kit/x/7274449 Even if th
  3. Well I hooked it up and it loaded my code just fine, I was also able to set software breakpoints and single step so this was a nice solution. Thanks again for the advice everyone!
  4. Thanks for all the advice! Just so I'm clear looks like you can program with F5529 launch pad, but you can't single step or set software breakpoints like you can with the FET? So I couldn't set a breakpoint somewhere in my main function right at say led_one(1); and have it stop there. Sounds like it could still stop for interrupts or exceptions? I ordered one so I guess I'll find out either way Thank you
  5. starting to understand that it's a register in the CC1101, still not clear how to adjust my output power though.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find the actual patable values in the cc430. I feel like I'm missing something here. All I found was FREND0 let me set the index to it, but not where the patable itself is located. Maybe I just missed it. I've been looking in the datasheet and user guide for my part. Is this something that's in flash somewhere calibrated at the factory? Is it in the cc1101 that's part of the cc430? Thank you, -Eric
  7. I thought the launch pads only supported the lower end processors no? I guess I'll look into that more with my rep.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has had positive experience or recommendations for an alternative to the MSP430FET. I have a few of them but I'm just finishing up this open source project and I want to be able the recommend alternatives to buying the FET. The project is a cc430 based web server, that's also a wireless access point for simpliciti, a few end points, and an iphone app to control it all. I usually develop with CC studio and a pair of FETs one for AP one for EP, but that's pricey if you don't have them already. So I was thinking at worst someone could get a cheap programmer and
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