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  1. Really thanks for the answers! my fault! I got confused between the LaunchPad and de Experimenter Board! thanks for solving my doubt. Ok! i'm going to check the diferents MSP430s, and i'll choose the best in order to work with the CC3000 wifi chip. new things: 1) yesterday i found http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3000em that is (I think) a full compatible module for the Launchpad. It says "Available for backorder"... is this that it'll be on the shop next month?? next year?? 2) Is it preferable to use the serial port (and a serial to wifi module) or the module I tell
  2. what do yoy think about this: http://es.mouser.com...researchtiwiSL/ or this (I think this si the perfect one): http://es.mouser.com/new/texasinstruments/ti-cc3000tiwislem/ Do you think they would be compatible (pin conectors)?
  3. I can't do it with a bluetooth system, because of I need 80m range (or more). This is for telecontrol.
  4. Hello everyone!! I'm a 21 years old engineer student from Spain, and I need your help, because I'm going to do a really big proyect (for me)! I need to control a microcontroller from my android smartphone. I think that the 430 Launchpad with a wifi module would be adecuate. I worked with a PIC couple years ago, and i don't know a lot about TI microcontrollers, but they are really cheap, and I need a cheapest project. What wifi module would you recomend for me? I'm searching for, but I can't find much. I read on the wiki that CC3000 is a plug-in wifi
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