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  1. Okay...Im back on to this msp430 stuff after being busy the last month or so. I took your advice and ordered some 20 pin chips(free samples) in case I need the extra capture compare registers. I'm just having trouble figuring out how to handle getting two captures at same time from two light chips. Would they each have their own ISR? What needs to be implemented so they don't conflict with each other. I've looked for code that might be similar but no luck.
  2. Cool...I thought that might be the mixup(ccs<>iar). I've got it working for sure now! So appreciate the patience. I'm a regular over on the parallax forums and I'll brag over there about this one. There is chatter everyone now and then about the MSP430... Dave
  3. Well, sorry I was wrong. Nuetron, not sure what part of your post I need to apply. I copy paste what u have there and run it and just get errors. I use CCS (not IAR).
  4. For my light to frequency project(using the TSL230R with the G2231), i'm ultimately going to want use 2 TSL230R'S to get light data from 2 points at the same, or VERY nearly the same time in addition to a data from a sound sensor(just loudness)...so a total of 3 readings. Can any chip do in the value line series do this? I'm all for using the appropriate microcontroller for a given job. Would the Propeller be better suited for this(has 8 cogs)? Dave
  5. Appreciate it...that clears things up
  6. Awesome! Works like a champ...now I've got some real horsepower to play with! Thanks a ton, everyone
  7. This will help me also. Can you comment what is going on in the ISR below. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Thx for the reply gwdeveloper. And no initial accuracy I don't think is important for now. Do u have any example code or point me to some? I also DO have the GRACE plug in, I just haven't played with it yet. Great to know! I'll order some for sure.
  9. Being a wide eyed innocent to these TI woods I thought to set my launchpad msp430g2231 to run faster I could just set with: BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_8MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_8MHZ; ... but now I've learned life is just not that simple! Can these value line chip's internal clock be set to run to 8 or 16 mhz just by code or does it take some under the hood trick work? I read something somewhere in the forum about re-setting the dco values in the flash or something like that...it sounded quite a bit involved. So no simple way? I got a lot out of the "for beginner's thread" and especially the Gusta
  10. Yes, the TSL230R would be the guilty party! Yep, I figured out I needed to use the Timer A in capture mode(from another post) and I get that conceptually...it's just the details and syntax that are getting me all mixed up. But I'm new and just starting now to absorb it all so I'm reading as much as I can and seeing how far I can get on my own. If you DO get your code on this working and cleaned up, please let me know(PM me if u want). I'd appreciate it. Hook 'em! Dave
  11. Figured I might as well join up so I can actually ask questions and participate. I've trolled thru the wealth of information on this site over the last week or so. It's been quite invaluable to getting me up and going with the launchpad. My experience is mostly with basic stamps and picaxes so I'm used to using a BASIC style programming language, although I have done some c# and c++ with visual studio. So figuring out C for the msp430 has been a challenge. I'm currently trying to figure out how to use a TAOS light to frequency IC with the msp430. Minimal luck so far. I guess I should post qu
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