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    bluehash reacted to Fmilburn in MSP432 with WS2811 LED strip, where to start?   
    Hi @@m0nk37,
    I am not aware of a WS2811/12 library for the MSP432.  I presume you have already done a search on 43oh and have seen the working code and discussion for the MSP430 and Tiva.  The two approaches commonly used to achieve the timing requirements are asm and SPI.  SPI was used in the Tiva example and would seem to be the easiest approach for the MSP432.  You can find my writeup on using SPI with the MSP430 here:  http://forum.43oh.com/topic/10011-using-spi-and-energia-with-ws2812-leds/
    I had a quick look at using SPI with the MSP432 at the time I made that post.  Energia for the MSP432 uses TI-RTOS and I seemed to be getting interrupts that interfered with the timing.  There may be ways around this but I didn't pursue it.  I would think this would be straight forward outside of Energia/RTOS but haven't tried that either.
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    bluehash reacted to Rei Vilo in Four New Pins Maps   
    Please find four new pins maps, for
    CC2650 BLE BoosterPack CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack Fuel Tank BoosterPack MK-II Sensors BoosterPack
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    bluehash reacted to chicken in How to prevent and detect stack overflow   
    Here's a great webinar on the topic of stack overflow from basics like stack sizing all the way to stack usage estimation and analysis, stack monitoring and stack overflow handling.
    Transcript: http://barrgroup.com/Embedded-Systems/How-To/Prevent-Detect-Stack-Overflow
    Found via the Embedded Muse newsletter.
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    bluehash reacted to hlipka in CCS 7.0 beta available   
    Under "New in this release": "License manager-free release"
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    bluehash got a reaction from yyrkoon in Beaglebone-Web-PMIC-Register-Viewer   
    Placing the pic on github will really help. Nice job.
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    bluehash reacted to yyrkoon in Beaglebone-Web-PMIC-Register-Viewer   
    Here is a screenshot for those that are curious, but may not care to actually go through the whole process just to see what the app does.
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    bluehash reacted to kd8bxp in Obstacle Avoidance Robot Using TI Launchpad MSP432   
    My latest demo robot for a Automation club I belong too, thought people here might get some use out of it too - since I used a Launchpad MSP432 board :-) 
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    bluehash reacted to Fmilburn in DriverLib Examples for the MSP430F5529   
    Energia and Arduino users eventually get to the point where they need more direct access to the hardware if they take on more complicated projects.  In addition to the direct access of registers using the provided header files, TI offers DriverLib which contains abstractions for accessing the peripherals.
    To better understand the peripherals, and to check out DriverLib, I recently created 20+ short examples for my own edification.  All of them were written for the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad and most of the peripherals are covered.  In some cases pushbuttons, LEDs, resistors, potentiometer, etc. are required that you probably have on hand.  A multimeter is required, and in some cases an oscilloscope and logic analyzer are instructive but not necessary.

    DriverLib SPI Example 13A_USCI_B_SPI_MCP41010_digiPot
    All of the examples are located here:  https://github.com/fmilburn3/MSP430F5529_driverlib_examples
    It is necessary to have some understanding of the registers before using DriverLib because the DriverLib documentation doesn't describe how the peripherals and their registers work.  The documentation for registers is located in the User
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    bluehash got a reaction from farhan in I'm struggling with the CC3200   
    It is most likely to do with the network stack management. For simple superloop applications, bare metal code works, but when heavy network/usb stacks come into play, a small footprint real-time OS helps(in this case, TI-RTOS) to schedule and prioritize tasks. Hope this helps.
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    bluehash got a reaction from spirilis in NewHaven displays 15% off on OLED boards   
    Definitely getting cheaper and full color
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    bluehash got a reaction from enl in NewHaven displays 15% off on OLED boards   
    For the entire month of November, all OLED display products are on sale. Use the below coupon code during online checkout and recieve 15% off your OLED purchases. Discount is available for online orders only.   COUPON CODE: Nov2016OLEDs
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    bluehash reacted to lilyhack in Energia Support for Anaren AIR A2530E24A-LPZ ZigBee Module   
    I didn't get it working with Anaren ZigBee
    So I used Digi XBee modules (XBee S2C) with TI TM4C129 on Energia
    This code should help you getting started. Connect the Xbee TX, RX to TI RX, TX respectively ( I used UART3 of TI) and GND, 3.3V for power.
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    bluehash reacted to Fred in Chance to roadtest a F28379D Launchpad   
    Element14 has 5 F28379D LaunchPads to give away to people who are happy to road test and review them. I haven't got the time to do this justice, but perhaps someone else on here might.
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    bluehash reacted to justinmreina in Extremely simple ARM assembly example with Tiva C?   
    Here is my example, which took nearly a full dedicated hour to complete, sheesh!
    Tiva assembly is precise and complete, but has subtle yet important differences from MSP430 assembly, take a peek! Full project attached in ZIP as well
    Assembly Routines (asmExampleFile.asm)
    .global asmRAMVal, asmFlashVal, asmFcn1, asmFcn2 .bss asmRAMVal, 4h .data asmFlashVal .word 6h .text asmFcn1: nop movw r0, #1266 bx lr asmFcn2: nop movw r0, #1267 bx lr C Usage of Assembly Routines (main.c)
    //ASM Routines extern void asmFcn1(void); extern void asmFcn2(void); //ASM Varaiables extern uint16_t asmRAMVal; extern uint16_t asmFlashVal; int main(void) { asmFcn1(); // Asm function-file calls asmFcn2(); ram_var = asmFlashVal; //Asm variable usage asmRAMVal = 0xE234; return EXIT_SUCCESS; } ref_asm.zip
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    bluehash reacted to Fmilburn in It's Halloween Again   
    Here are my finished projects for the season...
    This is a princess tiara made from the wearable G2553 I posted above.  It drives 3 WS2812 "neopixels" on a tiara that I bought at the dollar store.  The WS2812 were ordered from Aliexpress and I find them difficult to solder up in a chain by hand.  I need to put together a jig or something to hold things in place and make it easier.

    All princesses need a magic wand and this one came with the tiara.  I cut out a star shape from some 4x6 cm 0.1" pitch PCB and soldered a blinking RGB LED, coin cell holder, and a tilt ball type switch to it.  The wand turns off when pointed down and on when lifted up while blinking different colors.  Because of bounce in the switch it kind of randomly blinks itself when shaken which is interesting.  I took a number of pictures to capture the 3 colors shown.

    The big project was the ferry boat.  Here is a photo of one of the many ferry boats that run in the Seattle area:

    I start by choosing a main box to work from and shape it.

    Then lay out more pieces to get an idea of what it will look like.

    Then cut to shape, glue everything up, and paint.  The electronics are more WS2812 and another G2553 wearable.  I had planned to add more electronic gizmos to this but ran out of time.  I guess that leaves me with something to do next year though.

    My grandson has been helping a bit.  He is really into Lego.  He built this pumpkin and then we put an LED into that is just taped to a coin cell.

    Finally, some satisfied customers at the local fall festival parade...

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    bluehash reacted to Fred in TI has free shipping through Oct-23   
    I spotted it here:
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    bluehash reacted to Fred in TI has free shipping through Oct-23   
    It seems there is another free shipping deal. Spotted this over on EEVBlog.
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    bluehash reacted to maelli01 in Ultimate gibberish machine from the Art of Electronics   
    In the Horowitz/Hill Art of Electronics, third edition, design practices with discrete 74HCxxx, FPGA and Microprocessor are compared and discussed.
    As an example, the ultimate gibberish machine is described, a circuit that sends out a succession of pseudorandom bytes, as standard RS232 serial data, with 2 selectable speeds, 9600 / 1200 baud. 
    Independent of the processor type, the implementation with a small micro and program it in C looks like the clear winner here, smallest engineering effort, lowest hardware effort (have to admit that I do not have the faintest idea about FPGA.)
    The example in the book used some 8051ish device, so I was wondering on how this would look like on a MSP430/launchpad
    See my code below, based on the 8051 C code from the book, but adapted to run as low power as possible (LPM3)
    The power consuption of this thing is: 40uA at 9600baud, 6uA at 1200baud  
    //MSP430G2553LP implementation of the ultimate gibberish machine //from the art of electronics, third edition, Chapter 11.3. //Produces a pseudorandom datastream at 9600/1200baud, 8n1 //P1.0 output, sync, processor busy //P1.2 output, serial pseudorandom data //P1.3 input, data rate select (button,at start) //32768Hz crystal is required //2016-10-23 maelli01 #include <msp430.h> unsigned char d,c,b,a=1; int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDT P1DIR = ~BIT3; P1REN=BIT3; P1OUT=BIT3; // all output, except button P1SEL = BIT2; P1SEL2=BIT2; // P1.2=TXD P2REN = 0x3F; // all unused pins resistor enable P3REN = 0xFF; // all unused pins resistor enable UCA0CTL1 |= UCSSEL_1; // CLK = ACLK if(P1IN&8){ // button not pressed: 9600 baud UCA0BR0 = 3; // 32768Hz/9600 = 3.41 UCA0MCTL = UCBRS1 + UCBRS0; // Modulation UCBRSx = 3 } else{ // button pressed: 1200 baud UCA0BR0 = 27; // 32768Hz/1200 = 27.3 UCA0MCTL = UCBRS1; // Modulation UCBRSx = 2 } UCA0BR1 = 0x00; UCA0CTL1 &= ~UCSWRST; // **Initialize USCI state machine** IE2 |= UCA0TXIE; // Enable USCI_A0 TX interrupt __bis_SR_register(LPM3_bits + GIE); // Enter LPM3 w/ int } #pragma vector=USCIAB0TX_VECTOR __interrupt void USCI0TX_ISR(void){ P1OUT |=1; UCA0TXBUF=((d<<1)|(c>>7))^c; // 32 bit pseudorandom generator d=c; c=b; b=a; a=UCA0TXBUF; P1OUT &=~1; }
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    bluehash reacted to lsm in Mongoose, the most popular embedded networking library - ported to CC3200   
    We are the creators of Mongoose - the most popular networking library.
    Mongoose supports HTTP, WebSocket, MQTT, CoAP, DNS, mDNS/DNS-SD (local device discovery) - both client and server mode. It works on top of SimpleLink and provides quite rich networking functionality.
    Together with the port, we provide a CCS example for CC3200  (https://github.com/cesanta/mongoose/tree/master/examples/CC3200/ccs) which illustrates remote device control (via RESTful) and real-time data feed (WebSocket).
    We are looking for a feedback, and requests for ports to other devices.
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    bluehash reacted to dubnet in Hi from Paris ;)   
    Welcome to the forum!
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    bluehash reacted to vinicius.jlantunes in TI has free shipping through Oct-23   
    TI store is having another free shipping promotion through October 23 - https://store.ti.com.
    No coupon required.
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    bluehash reacted to Fred in It's Halloween Again   
    I like the coin in the above photo for scale - mainly because I can now estimate the size of a US quarter because I know the pitch of a TSSOP IC. :-)
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    bluehash reacted to Fmilburn in It's Halloween Again   
    My grandson and I have been upgrading the airplane from last year.

    In addition to the existing jet exhaust, spot light, and voice feature we have added lots more LEDs and changed the power supply to two C batteries.  Now that 1 watt spotlight on the nose can really shine.  There is a new G2553 to play a song and make space noises- we are calling it the radio - through a piezo crystal while a RGB LED provides synchronized visuals.

    I designed a simple G2553 PCB for wearables which will be used for my granddaughter's costume.  It uses a coin cell for power and the plan is to blink LEDs.  The in thing for wearables seems to be a circular shape with gator holes but having made this one I think I'll try something different next time.

    Last years post:  http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9004-potm-blue-angels-f-18-costume/
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    bluehash reacted to spirilis in Arrow Free Shipping and Education Deals   
    I had a somewhat lousy experience with Arrow during the RPi3 promo; while I ended up getting all my goods (although the Pi T-Cobbler adapter I bought evidently was the wrong kind, which wasn't obvious on their site at the time), they shipped it in 4 separate shipments that appeared to come from the same location, thus inflating the shipping costs.  I went along with it anyhow (as the total shipping cost at $16 was still less than a Pi3) thinking they just source from lots of locations but that was not the case.
    For kicks, I decided to try the free shipping today (since it's the last day for it).  Got 50 of the Fox FX135A-327 (used with my CC1310 boards, seems like a nice & super compact XTAL).
    I used paypal for payment, and Paypal sent me their confirmation email that I was charged, but the Arrow website never produced an Order confirmation page (had a progress bar animation going for 10 minutes before I closed the tab) and I see no evidence of my order in the "Order history" page.
    I do have a marketing contact from Arrow who followed up with me on my previous order so I sent her the details and asked her to look into it.  Thankfully Paypal includes the vendor's Invoice ID so she will have a reference# to look up.
    I recall back in August when I ordered a bunch of parts, I could never see the invoice or manifest on their website; when I tried the online chat support to ask why this was so, they seemed to dismiss it rather quickly as a "known issue".  Sounds like a bunch of amateurs running the site's backend who don't have their s**t together IMO.
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    bluehash reacted to EdoNork in Atollic give away: 5 TrueSTUDIO Pro licenses   
    Atollic is given away 5 Full licenses of TrueSTUDIO Pro. The licenses have a full year support and are perpetual.
    Retail value is 1990
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