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    bluehash reacted to energia in Interrupts for TM4C123GXL   
    I posted a library a while ago which could be of use. It can be found here: https://github.com/energia-libraries/RotaryEncoder
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    bluehash reacted to MichelV in OneWire Energia Library   
    Unfortunately I haven't heard from Paul Stoffregen yet, so I decided to release the modified source here.
    I still hope he'll respond, and include the changes in his own library, but at least you guys have a chance to play with it now
    So, attached is the UNOFFICIAL OneWire library, that is compatible with Energia.
    OneWire Energia Compatible.zip
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    bluehash got a reaction from zeke in Updates   
    A few updates and notes:
    The forum is  finally able to connect to the license server. It failed due to an older version of curl, which caused alot of spam posts. PHP updated to the latest version Forums upped to 4.4.7 Any issues, please note them here. I'll try to sort things out.
    Thank you!
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    bluehash got a reaction from Frida in Server   
    Certificate fixed.
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    bluehash got a reaction from Rei Vilo in Server   
    Certificate fixed.
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    bluehash got a reaction from BettyHunt in How do you like this forum platform?   
    Looks like a fair bit of activity with members posting comments and blogs.
    How do you guys like it?
    Is it easier to navigate? Responsive?
    Let me know.
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    bluehash got a reaction from jsolarski in Raspberry Pi Model 3B $25 with Free Overnight Shipping   
    Hope you snag one. Enjoy!
    Use code CYBER


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    bluehash reacted to Peabody in Using a CP2102 with BSL-Scripter   
    I don't know if this has any application for Energia, but might be of use to someone at some point.
    I've been working on a way to embed a generic USB-to-UART adapter like the CP2102, FT232 or CH340 in an MSP340 project so firmware can be updated without having to buy a Launchpad.  The newer MSP430 parts presented a problem because BSL-Scripter, TI's software for BSL flashing for those parts, doesn't transmit the special invoke pattern on /Reset and Test.  Instead, it just brings both lines low, which messes things up.
    I gave up on trying to recompile Scripter, but I've written a Windows program that generates the pattern, and developed  methods to disconnect DTR from /Reset after the pattern has invoked BSL, but before BSL-Scripter is run, which allows flashing to proceed with /Reset high.  A full explanation, source code, executable, and schematic are in my Github repo.  It all seems to work, at least with an FR2311 under Windows 7.
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    bluehash reacted to mph in Sensirion SHTC3 temperature-humidity sensor   
    Sensirion has recently introduced an inexpensive, low-power temperature humidity sensor SHTC3 designed for operation in the range 1.62--3.6V .  It should be a useful peripheral for MSP430 battery-powered applications.  I have tested 3 sensors with the F5529 Launchpad and they exhibit reliable, consistent behavior.  For reference, I have written some demo code for I2C communication that is available on github:
    The SHTC3 comes in a small DFN package, so to do breadboard testing I had to build my own breakout boards and use reflow soldering (see photo).

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    bluehash reacted to Rei Vilo in Dual LCD Chess Clock   
    You can combine the LaunchPad with LCD with a second LCD. 
    The MSP-EXP430FR4133 with LCD goes for USD14 while the MSP-EXP430FR2433 is USD10.
    The larger MSP-EXP430FR6989 with LCD is USD18 vs. USD16 for the MSP-EXP430FR5969.
    If power consumption is critical, why not consider an e-ink screen? Pervasive Displays have a wide range of displays, B&W and also tri-colours with red. All are supported with an Energia library.

    At this state, we need to know more about your project.
    And no need to double post your question at Which MSP430 to pick? Advice please. This is against netiquette: see Netiquette for Newbies.
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    bluehash reacted to dubnet in Atomo Modular Electronics System - Raspberry-pi   
    Gave me a S-100 flashback.....
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    bluehash got a reaction from dubnet in Atomo Modular Electronics System - Raspberry-pi   
    Cool concept to adding boards to the Raspberry Pi.
    Atomo is a complete system for building electronic things with four parts: Control, IO, Power, and Connector. 
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    bluehash reacted to Fmilburn in Free Shipping and Deals on LaunchPads at TI Store   
    The TI store has 10% off selected LaunchPad and tools with free shipping for the next week.
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    bluehash reacted to Fred in Free Shipping and Deals on LaunchPads at TI Store   
    If you're just after free shipping, the code OPT4FREE should work for the whole of 2018.
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    bluehash reacted to zeke in One Wire Controller booster   
    If anyone is curious, I have been developing the edge router app in pyqt5 on linux.
    Here is one of the better tutorials that I have found on learning PyQt5.
    Apparently, there are two different sources to get PyQt5 from:
    PyQt5 from Riverbank Computing, and Qt for Python  from Qt.com, which was originally called PySide(2) PyQt5 is a bit of a mind bender at the start, but it gets better as you climb the learning curve.
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    bluehash got a reaction from dubnet in Arrow - Free Raspberry Pi 3 or 3+ when spend $50+   
    Use code 50PI at checkout to receive this limited time offer.
    Promo code is valid for one (1) free Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with all Arrow.com purchases of $50 or more after the discount has been applied (before taxes/fees). MyArrow customers are eligible for this promotion for purchases made on arrow.com only, so long as there are no specially priced items in their cart. Promo code cannot be combined with any other codes, but can be added onto any free shipping promotions automatically applied at checkout. Discount does not apply to purchases made on www.arrow.com/MyArrow and purchases made on components.arrow.com. Promo code may only be redeemed 3 times per customer per promotion period. Limit ten (10) Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ boards per order. Customers are responsible for any duties and taxes that may apply on international shipments. Arrow reserves the right to end this promotion at any time without notice. Offer valid for a limited time only and while supplies last.
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    bluehash reacted to NurseBob in Energia.core   
    I've had intermittent problems with various versions of CCS and Energia in the past.  After seeing your post I updated my CCS to with no issues.  However, based on your reported error message, it's worth taking a moment to go to Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Products to see if Energia is still installed. 
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    bluehash got a reaction from Rei Vilo in Energia FAQ   
    The above content is listed at the top of all Energia forums.
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    bluehash reacted to Rei Vilo in HMC5883L (GY-80) interfacing with TM4C1294XL   
    Have you checked the usual suspects at I²C Check-List
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    bluehash reacted to Rei Vilo in Calibrate adxl 350   
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    bluehash reacted to Rei Vilo in Energia FAQ   
    Some topics come aver and over again. Here are the most frequent questions.
    Wouldn't be nice to have all of them in one single place?
    Listed questions:
    Netiquette for Newbies What Information to Provide When Asking for Help I²C Check-List  Porting an Arduino library to Energia Use Pins Number instead of Pins Names with Energia Add a New Board to Energia LaunchPad and BoosterPack Pins Maps Boards Supporting the Galaxia Library  
    Netiquette for Newbies  What Information to Provide When Asking for Help  I²C Check-List  Porting an Arduino library to Energia  
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    bluehash reacted to NicholasLindan in CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS   
    CoRTOS is a Cooperative Real Time Operating System for bare-metal applications.
    Its advantages over other systems are that it is fully documented with a manual and examples, is easy to understand and use and is astonishingly simple: The kernel is just 16 lines of C.  The CoRTOS module compiles to ~200 bytes of code.  The system includes optional modules implementing delays, timers, messaging, mutexes and signaling. It is intended for smaller microprocessors, such as the MSP430, Cortex M0+, AVR and PIC24, and for smaller systems of maybe a dozen tasks.

    CoRTOS is not a task scheduler.

    CoRTOS works like any other RTOS. Tasks schedule themselves, picking up where they left off after making a call to the OS.

    Please feel free to send questions to nolindan@ix.netcom.com

    The intended audience includes:
    • Those needing a small footprint RTOS;
    • Students learning about real time systems;
    • Makers wanting to program "close to the metal"
    World's simplest RTOS CoRTOSV1d.zip
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    bluehash reacted to terjeio in RFC: CNC BoosterPack   
    Design is now published on Github, driver code to follow when completed - some new features needs to be verified first.
    A Youtube video showing off the PCB and some additional parts is here: GRBL DRO & MPG
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    bluehash got a reaction from BlackAngel in 2018   
    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to wish all of our members and visitors a wonderful new year. Thank you for contributing and answering posts. 
    Keep posting and wish you all the best.
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    bluehash reacted to xeebot in [SOLVED] Sending Email To Hosted Server   

    Sorry for the delay following up on this - had some family medical issues that I had to be present for.

    If it is okay, I'm posting my version here in case somebody else needs to do the same thing, will save them a few steps

    I basically combined the sketch you linked to with the WPA example - this allowed me to get details about the board (mac, IP) and do basic troubleshooting. Switched the Ethernet client to WiFi and plugged in my own values for SMTP and email addresses.  I put a comment in indicating which lines somebody who wants to use this would need to change.

    My next step is to combine this with the "test" firmware I wrote for my PCB, and, if everything works on the Launchpad, upload the bin using Uniflash. Will let you know how that works out!

    Code from attached Sketch:
    //combines the WPA WiFi example with the Arduino "panic email" sketch - uses WiFi client in place of Ethernet - WPA client shows data about your board and connection in serial monitor // //replace the variables on lines 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 18, 67, 71, 75, 82, and 84 (for your board and your SMTP server) // //If all variables are correct, board connects to router then waits until SW3 is pressed, then sends email. // #include <SPI.h> #include <WiFi.h> WiFiClient client; //the Pin for SW3 on a launchpad int buttonPinSW3 = 3; //your router's SSID char ssid[] = "YourSSID"; //your router's password char password[] = "YourPassword"; boolean statusCheck=false; //your board's mac address byte mac[] = { 0xDA, 0xE5, 0x13, 0x25, 0x47, 0xB8 }; //your SMTP server char server[] = "mail.send.com"; int SMTPport = 25; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); Serial.print("Attempting to connect to Network named: "); Serial.println(ssid); WiFi.begin(ssid, password); while ( WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { Serial.print("Attempting to connect to Network named: "); Serial.println(ssid); Serial.println("."); delay(300); } Serial.println("\nYou're connected to the network"); Serial.println("Waiting for an ip address"); while (WiFi.localIP() == INADDR_NONE) { Serial.print("."); delay(300); } Serial.println("\nIP Address obtained"); printCurrentNet(); printWifiData(); pinMode(buttonPinSW3, INPUT); } void loop() { if(digitalRead(buttonPinSW3)==HIGH && statusCheck==false) { if(sendEmail()) Serial.println(F("Email sent")); else Serial.println(F("Email failed")); statusCheck = true; } else if (digitalRead(buttonPinSW3)==LOW) { statusCheck = false; } } byte sendEmail() { byte thisByte = 0; byte respCode; if(client.connect(server,SMTPport)) { Serial.println(F("connected")); } else { Serial.println(F("connection failed")); return 0; } if(!eRcv()) return 0; // change to your public ip client.println(F("helo []")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; Serial.println(F("Sending From")); // change to your email address (sender) client.println(F("MAIL From: <sender@send.com>")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; // change to recipient address Serial.println(F("Sending To")); client.println(F("RCPT To: <reader@readme.com>")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; Serial.println(F("Sending DATA")); client.println(F("DATA")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; Serial.println(F("Sending email")); // change to recipient address client.println(F("To: You <reader@readme.com>")); // change to your address client.println(F("From: Me <sender@send.com>")); client.println(F("Subject: Panic Alarm!\r\n")); client.println(F("The panic button was pressed!!!")); client.println(F(".")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; Serial.println(F("Sending QUIT")); client.println(F("QUIT")); if(!eRcv()) return 0; client.stop(); Serial.println(F("disconnected")); return 1; } byte eRcv() { byte respCode; byte thisByte; int loopCount = 0; while(!client.available()) { delay(1); loopCount++; // if nothing received for 10 seconds, timeout if(loopCount > 10000) { client.stop(); Serial.println(F("\r\nTimeout")); return 0; } } respCode = client.peek(); while(client.available()) { thisByte = client.read(); Serial.write(thisByte); } if(respCode >= '4') { efail(); return 0; } return 1; } void efail() { byte thisByte = 0; int loopCount = 0; client.println(F("QUIT")); while(!client.available()) { delay(1); loopCount++; // if nothing received for 10 seconds, timeout if(loopCount > 10000) { client.stop(); Serial.println(F("\r\nTimeout")); return; } } while(client.available()) { thisByte = client.read(); Serial.write(thisByte); } client.stop(); Serial.println(F("disconnected")); } void printWifiData() { // print your WiFi IP address: IPAddress ip = WiFi.localIP(); Serial.print("IP Address: "); Serial.println(ip); Serial.println(ip); byte mac[6]; WiFi.macAddress(mac); Serial.print("MAC address: "); Serial.print(mac[5], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(mac[4], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(mac[3], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(mac[2], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(mac[1], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.println(mac[0], HEX); } void printCurrentNet() { Serial.print("SSID: "); Serial.println(WiFi.SSID()); byte bssid[6]; WiFi.BSSID(bssid); Serial.print("BSSID: "); Serial.print(bssid[5], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(bssid[4], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(bssid[3], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(bssid[2], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.print(bssid[1], HEX); Serial.print(":"); Serial.println(bssid[0], HEX); long rssi = WiFi.RSSI(); Serial.print("signal strength (RSSI):"); Serial.println(rssi); byte encryption = WiFi.encryptionType(); Serial.print("Encryption Type:"); Serial.println(encryption, HEX); Serial.println(); }  
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