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  1. Thanks @@energia. One way to make sure that the right files are downloaded is to make sure the file's SHA matches the one downloaded. But then the SHA on the server can be replaced too(if server is compromised). Maybe a few n/w members can chime in. I'll ask around at my workplace.
  2. Faq: http://app.connected.arrow.com/e/er?s=600830862&lid=6487&elqTrackId=2a658c8dad4c4c2ea54e3e9b081d7a1d&elqTrackId=7e04da2f3d184eada16d44cbe15398f0&elq=a5820b4ffce74d768e6349130b76fc61&elqaid=2568&elqat=1
  3. Welcome! There are a few projects on here that are Ham based, like @@RobG's Iambic Keyer.
  4. Well. Recently I tried setting up CCS for bare betal BBB programming. TI is currently going through a phase of moving their BBB Starterware package to TI-RTOS ProcessorSDK. Unfortunately I ran into too many issues getting their tool chain to work correctly. I gave up and moved to another processor because this project was time critical. There are no readmes for the projects. Build's break and not documented. The learning curve is a bit steep. It is not ready for prime time yet. Now your issue is more to do with using JLink with CCS on linux. Firstly, JLink will work on CCS for the TivaC fa
  5. Hello @@ashman, I'm not sure, but the support for C2000 series in Energia is very limited. Are you doing motor control firmware? Can you switch to a Tiva?
  6. Looks like cached up pages are showing up. Give it a couple of days and it should go away. Unless energia can find a way to purge the cache server side.
  7. Yikes! Post a pic and I'll assign it to you. Edit: On second thought.. I doubt I can give you 2x. I can add your post to the award link.
  8. Test: Text: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9805-no-more-than-1-hyperlink-in-post/ http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9805-no-more-than-1-hyperlink-in-post/ http://forum.43oh.com/topic/8844-questions-on-sfp-transceivers-in-hobbyist-projects/?p=73885
  9. Not very sure about this.. but looks like a key/token issue. Is there any api key that you can add from AWS to your code?
  10. Hi Fred, I have some JTAGs left over from fome old Stellaris kits.. It looked something like this: https://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/471/3060.BD_2D00_ICDI_2D00_B.JPG I can send one over if you send me your address.
  11. Thank you for sharing! Also as an FYI... Tivaware also has a similar parser, under utils/cmdline.c
  12. It is most likely to do with the network stack management. For simple superloop applications, bare metal code works, but when heavy network/usb stacks come into play, a small footprint real-time OS helps(in this case, TI-RTOS) to schedule and prioritize tasks. Hope this helps.
  13. A commenter, Jan, posted a link to the CC3200 Wi-Fi SensorTag on Digikey. More info on the blog. Digikey link @$40.11 and 2 units ready to ship.
  14. I may have some parts+PCB left. Let me know if you are still interested.
  15. Warning: Some of them are EoL. Coupon Code: CharJuly2016 Link.
  16. Fixed links in the first post. Although, I'm having trouble finding @@dkedr's link.
  17. Thanks Energia! All, to consolidate all questions and queries for this release of Energia, please post them in this thread.
  18. Just wanted to confirm... that it is my view that USB and low power may be a challenge... not TI's.. They may already have something in the works. I don;t know.
  19. Hello All, Here is some feedback. Apologies on the late reply. There was approximately an hour to field our questions/requests. On a few questions that were not asked, I have an open channel with them. Energia - This was my primary focus. I am aware most of you don't care much about it, but there are alot of users coming in from the Arduino world to the TI family. A couple of others in the room and myself were concerned about the future of Energia and its support. We were assured that more was being done and we'll know more in some time. Higher RAM chips on the value line - Let them kno
  20. Fixed. Thank you. Looks like the link changed.
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